Salomé Viljoen

Salome Viljoen

  • Associate Research Scholar;

Georgetown University, BA, 2011
London School of Economics, MSc, 2013
Harvard Law School, JD, 2016

Areas of Specialty

Information Law, Legal Theory, Contracts, Privacy Law

Salomé studies the information economy. She is interested in if and how this introduces new conceptual and normative claims about information that require updating legal claims about information. Salomé’s current work focuses on the political economy of social data. This work explores how law structures data production and downstream uses of data-intensive technologies, and how law might facilitate more egalitarian data production.  

Salomé’s work has appeared in, or is forthcoming in, legal venues such as the Yale Law Journal; as well as in technical venues such as the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency. Her shorter writing has appeared in places like Nature, the Guardian, and Phenomenal World.



*In computer science, conferences are the primary publishing venues. These papers undergo double-blind peer review and are published within conference proceedings as full papers equivalent to journal publications other fields.


Short Essays and Op-Eds