Jerome D. Greco

Jerome Greco

  • Lecturer in Law

Jerome D. Greco is the Supervising Attorney of The Legal Aid Society’s Digital Forensics Unit. Over the past seven years, he has expanded the Unit from four analysts and one lab to three analysts, two senior analysts, four staff attorneys, one supervising attorney, one paralegal, and two labs. Using leading digital forensic software and tools, the Unit preserves and analyzes electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner, so it may be properly admitted in legal proceedings on behalf of the Society’s clients. Attorney members of the Digital Forensics Unit prepare motions, direct and cross examinations, and legal guides related to evidence derived from digital forensic and electronic surveillance tools. Additionally, the Unit works on legislative and policy matters at the local and state levels.

Jerome works closely with attorneys, analysts, and investigators on issues involving electronic surveillance technology, cell phone extractions, location tracking, and facial recognition, among other fields. In the last five years, he has presented over seventy digital forensics and electronic surveillance related CLEs and trainings, including holding an annual conference, Decrypting a Defense.

Prior to joining the Digital Forensics Unit, Jerome worked as a trial attorney in the Society's Staten Island and Manhattan criminal defense offices from 2011 to 2016. He represented clients charged with a range of criminal offenses, including violent felonies. In addition to his direct client representation and his work with technology, Jerome is experienced in litigating freedom of information requests and is an advocate for government transparency.