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Brian Langille

  • Visiting Professor of Law

Brian Langille is Professor of Law at the University of Toronto Law School. His teaching, research, and writing concentrates on the law of work, in both practical and theoretical perspective, and including its international and constitutional dimensions. In recent work he seeks to deploy the Capability Approach to articulate a new “constituting narrative” for his subject – see, for example, The Capability Approach to Labour Law (Langille, ed. OUP, 2019). Professor Langille has advised various Canadian governments and international institution, and has lectured on these matters in many places. He has been a Fellow of the European University Institute (Florence), The Institute for Advanced Studies (Nantes), and the International Institute for Labour Studies (Geneva), as well as a Visiting Professor at Melbourne Law School, Hebrew University, University of Padua, University Pampeu Fabra (Barcelona), The Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (London), and Dalhousie University.