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Faculty and Scholarship

Columbia Law School faculty are renowned for their groundbreaking research, teaching, and civic engagement. The Law School’s vibrant intellectual life fosters a rich exchange of ideas, both in and out of the classroom. Student-faculty collaboration at the Law School results in dynamic ideas that advance the understanding and application of law worldwide. Faculty members continually develop new course offerings that address critical legal issues and prepare students for the complexities of lawyering in an increasingly globalized world.

For more than 160 years, our faculty’s efforts have shaped policy and influenced the world’s most powerful public and private institutions.

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Law School faculty are not only the leading authorities in their areas of expertise, but they are also passionate teachers committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of legal professionals. 

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Research and Scholarship

Law School faculty publish regularly on today’s most pressing legal issues. The Law School's Scholarship Archive showcases the breadth and depth of their scholarship, from works in progress to published articles and other research and writing. The Faculty Scholarship Digest also highlights recent works.

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Research Centers and Programs

Research centers and programs reflect our faculty’s exceptional scholarship in foundational, emerging, and interdisciplinary areas of the law. Collaborations between faculty, students, and professionals across sectors often lead to solutions to urgent problems.


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Law Library

One of the premier collections of legal materials in the United States: In addition to housing more than half a million titles in 150 languages, the Law Library employs a dedicated staff of reference librarians to aid student and faculty research. 


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