Community Citizenship Initiative

Welcome to the Community Citizenship Initiative! 


As Columbians, we are members of a diverse and unique community that is guided by a commitment to building an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. This includes commitments to the values of sexual respect as well as inclusion and belonging for all. As citizens of Columbia, these values inform our time together at the University, and beyond.


This initiative will help you understand how your choices impact others. So, step up and step into your role in carrying out this University-wide commitment to creating an educational experience that is built on mutual respect and affirms and empowers all Columbia students.


The Community Citizenship Initiative has ended for 2020. Thank you for participating, and look for details about 2021 in the coming months. 


Questions? [email protected]

About the Community Citizenship Initiative

Movements around the globe are calling for a more just and equitable society and Columbia is committed to doing its part to create a more just society and campus community. That’s why we launched the Community Citizenship Initiative. 

University Life, in partnership with students, faculty and staff across Columbia, designed two modules for the Initiative that allow students to learn more and engage with the core values of sexual respect, and inclusion and belonging. 

Those modules are the Sexual Respect Initiative and the Inclusion and Belonging Initiative.


Created by students along with faculty and administrators, the Sexual Respect Initiative asks each of us to promote a campus culture that reinforces sexual respect and unequivocally rejects sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based misconduct, and empowers students to know where and when to get help.

This Initiative has as its foundation the link between sexual respect and membership in the University community.

Sexual Respect Initiative FAQ

Through the Inclusion and Belonging Initiative, students engage in conversation and learning on topics such as the impact of bias, how to cultivate inclusion, resiliency in the face of bias and more. The initiative links these values to community citizenship at the University and asks us to think about our role in cultivating greater inclusion at Columbia.

Created by students along with faculty and staff, the Initiative helps deepen students' understanding and appreciation of inclusion and belonging, provides student leaders with problem-solving skills for a diverse world, and enhances skills for communicating across differences.

Inclusion and Belonging FAQ