Academic Prizes

Prizes awarded to 2022 graduates and upper-year continuing students. 

John Ordronaux Prize

Awarded annually to a J.D. degree candidate for general proficiency in legal study. The prize usually recognizes the student achieving the highest academic average in each graduating class.

Alec Schwartz ’22

The Walter Gellhorn Prize

Awarded annually to an LL.M. degree candidate graduating with the highest academic average, for outstanding proficiency in legal study.

Tristan Lockwood LL.M. ’22

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Prize

Awarded annually to J.D. degree candidates who earned James Kent academic honors for outstanding academic achievement all three years (1L, 2L, and 3L years).

Siobhan Allen ’22

Ian J. Berkelaar ’22

Michael R. Brunetti ’22

Domenic Andrew Canonico ’22

Luther Caulkins ’22

Adam H. Chan ’22

Vamsi Arjun Damerla ’22

Arielle Gerber ’22

Arthur Malcolm Halliday ’22

Alison H. Hung ’22

Hyun Tai Kim ’22

Bradley Larson ’22

Min K. Lobb ’22

Kan Ni ’22

Alexandra Ann Nickerson ’22

Suzy Ji Soo Park ’22

Thomas Jennings Smith ’22

MacKenzie V. Thurman ’22

Reno G. Varghese ’22

Qixuan Wang ’22

Tim Wang ’22

David M. Berger Memorial Prize

Given to third-year students interested in international law and world peace, and who have demonstrated educational excellence in the field of international law.

Cassandra Marion Allen ’22

Emily L. Drake ’22

Elizabeth Rinehart White ’22

Campbell Prize

Presented by the Columbia Alumni Association to a graduating student at each school who shows exceptional leadership and Columbia spirit.

Annel Becerra Rodriguez ’22

Milton B. Conford Book Prize in Jurisprudence

Awarded annually to the student who writes the best examination paper or essay on jurisprudence.

Noah Howard ’24

E.B. Convers Prize

Awarded annually to the member of the graduating class who wrote the best original essay on a legal subject.

Alexandra Ann Nickerson ’22

Wilfred Feinberg Prize

Awarded to the law student who does the best work in an area related to the work of the federal courts.

Alison H. Hung ’22

Alfred S. Forsyth Prize

Awarded annually to outstanding students in the field of environmental law who, in the judgment of the school, have demonstrated qualities of intellect and selfless dedication to the advancement of environmental law.

Rachel DiSciullo ’22

Zoe Peer Makoul ’22

Andrew D. Fried Memorial Prize

Awarded annually for the best student essay on a subject in the field of intellectual property and related law published in the Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts during the preceding year.

Gersham Johnson III ’22

Lawrence S. Greenbaum Prize

Awarded annually to the student who, in the opinion of the judges, has made the best oral presentation in the final argument of the Harlan Fiske Stone Moot Court Competition.

Aneesa Mazumdar ’22

Carroll G. Harper Prize

Awarded to one or more members of the graduating class who have attained the highest standards of achievement in intellectual property studies and writing.

Jake Glendenning ’22

Alison Emily Robins ’22

Pauline Berman Heller Prize

Awarded annually to the graduating student who has displayed the most outstanding record of academic achievement in the service of gender equality in law, business, or society, as expressed through their classroom performance, scholarly research, or other relevant activities.

Susannah Rachel Cohen ’22

Nina Jaffe-Geffner ’22

Carol B. Liebman Mediation Prize

Awarded annually to one or more graduating students displaying excellence in and commitment to the field of conflict resolution, as demonstrated through outstanding achievement in coursework, fieldwork, or in service to the community.

Benjamin Childress ’22

Daimiris Garcia ’22

Yae Rin Kim ’22

Paul Augustus Riley Jr. ’22

Allan Morrow Sexuality and Gender Law Prize

Awarded upon graduation from the Law School to one or more students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the furtherance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights.

Lucas Avram DeForest ’22

Stephanie Guzmán Arnaud ’22

Monae A. White ’22

Jane Marks Murphy Prize

Awarded annually to the students who display exceptional interest and proficiency in clinical offerings, and who give promise of a professional career, applying the highest standards of the lawyer’s craft to service of the public interest.

Abdullahi Hassan Abdi LL.M. ’22

Rawda Walid Fawaz ’22

Rahul Jayaprabha ’22

Zeinab Abbas Khalil ’22

Tanner John Lockhead ’22

Outstanding Student Award

Presented by the Clinical Legal Education Association to students nominated by the faculty of Columbia Law School for excellence in clinical fieldwork based on the high quality of representation provided clients and for outstanding participation in an accompanying clinical seminar as determined by exemplary thoughtfulness and self-reflectiveness in exploring pertinent legal and lawyering issues.

Larisa Grace Eyman Antonisse ’22

Ekaterina Botchkareva ’22

Arielle Gerber ’22

Edwin Parker Prize

Awarded to students who excelled in the study of international or comparative law, as nominated by members of the faculty and selected by the Columbia Law School professor who is director of the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law.

Grace Marie Pyo ’22

Benjamin Salas Kantor ’22

Ece Yagci ’22

The Michael D. Remer Memorial Award

Awarded annually and presented by the Kernochan Center to graduating students whose activities and academic achievements demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for the fields of arts and copyright law.

Gili Karev ’22

Samuel I. Rosenman Prize

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in public law courses and outstanding qualities and leadership in the Law School, or activities related to the Law School in the university community.

Alexandra Ann Nickerson ’22

Marica LaRobbia Wright ’22

Emil Schlesinger Labor Law Prize

Established in 1975 by the Schlesinger family, in honor of Emil Schlesinger ’24. Awarded annually to the student most proficient in the subject of labor law.

Alison H. Hung ’22

Whitney North Seymour Medal

Awarded annually to one or more students who, in the judgment of the instructors in trial advocacy, show the greatest promise of becoming distinguished trial advocates.

Mary Rebecca Gardner ’22

Michael John Gvozdenovic LL.M. ’22

Miranda Z. Katz ’22

Elizabeth Mullin ’23

Sasha Yusuf ’23

Valentin J.T. Wertheimer Prize in Labor Law

Awarded annually to a Law School student whose work demonstrates the most creative, thoughtful approach to labor law, equal employment law, public or private sector collective bargaining, labor conflict resolution, or employment security.

Zeinab Abbas Khalil ’22

Jeffrey Williams Memorial Prize for Critical Rights Analysis

Established in 2007 in memory of Jeffrey Williams CC ’02, LAW ’05. Awarded annually to the student who writes the best paper in critical theory.

Kiara Deshawna Rogers ’22

Race and Law Prize

Established in 2021 and awarded to the student who writes the best paper on race and the law.

Maggie Hadley ’22