Columbia Summer Funding (CSF)

Your guide to funding your summer work in public interest.

In 2022, students are eligible to earn:

  • 1Ls: $23/hour (pre-tax) for eight weeks of full-time work (40 work days)
  • 2Ls: $23/hour (pre-tax) for up to 12 weeks of full-time work (60 work days)

Note: You must meet all deadlines and requirements of the Columbia Summer Funding Program (CSF) in order to receive funding.

How to Qualify for CSF

1. Registration

All 1Ls are currently registered for CSF. To remain registered, please complete the requirements detailed on the Summer Funding Group page on Campus Groups.

2Ls must register for CSF by completing the resume upload assignment on the Summer Funding CourseWorks page.

2L Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on November 30. We encourage all students to register for CSF even if they are unsure that they will participate in 2021. You will not be permitted to register after this date.

2. Attend CSF 1L Mandatory Sessions

Complete the Mandatory Modules on CourseWorks (1Ls only)

3. Upload your Resume on Campus Groups

  • This is required of all students that wish to participate in CSF even if you participated last year.
  • This resume does not need to be updated in our recommended legal format. It is not one that will be reviewed by advisors or viewed by employers. It can be the one you used to apply for law school.

4. Complete the FAFSA
Submit the 2022–2023 FAFSA by January 7 if you wish to participate in CSF. Once the FAFSA is complete, you must self-report on Campus Groups.

The FAFSA uses your 2020 federal tax data (if applicable). Your parent’s data is not required. 

  • All U.S. permanent residents and citizens must complete the FAFSA.
  • Designate Columbia University (code: 002707) as the recipient school.

5. Secure a qualifying public interest or public service internship.