Specialized Job Search Tools

Certain substantive areas have a nuanced job search process and area-specific resources. If you are interested in an internship or career in public interest law firms, government, or international public interest law, consult our guidance for those specific areas.

Public Interest Firms

Skyscrapers in Manhattan, looking up

Public interest/civil rights law firms are mission-driven private law practices that focus on litigation to address social or economic justice problems. Our guides will help you navigate opportunities with these firms.


The capitol building, as seen from the portico of Supreme Court

If you are interested in a job or internship in the government sector, review these resources for more information and job postings.  

In addition to the Arizona Guide referenced above, these websites feature government job postings:

  • Usajobs.gov contains a nearly complete list of federal government jobs (not just legal jobs). Some listings may not qualify for LRAP.
  • Roll Call Jobs features jobs in government affairs, lobbying, and other positions with organizations that work with the federal government.

International Public Interest Law

A row of various countries' flags outside the United Nations building.

If you are interested in working in international public interest law, refer to our guides below that explain the search process, which varies from the domestic job search.