Summer Judicial Internships

Explore what it's like to be a judicial law clerk as a law student through a summer judicial internship or an academic year judicial externship.

What is a Judicial Internship?

It is a summer work experience with a judge or court, where you will work closely with the judge and Chambers’ staff, including law clerks. Typical assignments include: legal research; written memoranda; updating of judicial articles, books or resources; hearing preparation work; draft opinion and/or order writing; and hearing or trial observation. Typical work schedules are 9am – 5 pm, Mondays through Friday (~40 hrs/week, though this may vary depending on the assignments provided and deadlines requested). Most summer judicial internships are 8-12 weeks long.Working for a judge during your 1L summer enhances your legal research and writing skills. It’s also a great way to consider whether or not you’d want to pursue a clerkship. You may also have the opportunity to develop a writing sample for your clerkship applications. Note, however, that judges generally do not write letters of recommendation for interns. Instead, they will often serve as professional references in the clerkships process if you do an outstanding job during the internship.

If you are interested in a summer judicial internship, please watch our webinar in the “1L Mandatory Professional Development Program” Courseworks page before making an appointment with an OJC Adviser.

An application includes a cover letter, resume, law school transcript (without grades), and a short writing sample. You may use the same resume that you develop with the Office of Private Sector Careers or the Office of Public Interest/Public Services Law and Careers. Your cover letter should briefly explain your interest in an internship, your prior work experience, if any, and address why you are interested in working for this judge in the particular court to which you are applying.

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