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J.D. 2023 Entering Class Profile

Columbia Law School students come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Explore facts and stats about our latest J.D. class. (Data as of September 8, 2023, and subject to change upon ABA certification process.)

Applications and Enrollment (J.D. 2023 Entering Class as of September 8, 2023)


7,754 Applications Received / 12.2% Accepted

Enrollment Breakdown

415 Enrolled / 52% Students of Color



International Students


Median LSAT Score

25th percentile = 169; 75th Percentile = 175

Median Undergraduate GPA

25th percentile = 3.81; 75th percentile = 3.97



Demographics (J.D. 2023 Entering Class as of September 8, 2023)


Age of Students at Time of Matriculation

Regional Breakdown

37 States + the District of Columbia + Puerto Rico Represented

Undergraduate colleges and universities represented


Earned at least one graduate or professional degree


Out of college 1+ years

Blue outlines of continents on a map

21 Foreign Countries Across Six Continents

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, United Kingdom

Silhouettes of a group of people, in Columbia blue

Members of the Class of 2026 include:

AmeriCorps volunteers, artists, baker, beekeepers, consultants, data analysts, designers, Eagle Scouts, economists, editors, engineers, film/documentary producers, financial analysts, fundraisers, human rights specialists, investment bankers, literary and publishing agents, military veterans, musicians, news reporters/journalists, novelists, paralegals, press secretary, prison chaplain, rancher, Rhodes Scholar, social workers, Teach for America participants, teachers

Yellow and blue speech bubbles

Languages Read/Spoken

Amharic, American Sign Language, Arabic (multiple dialects), Aramaic, Armenian, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, Dutch, English, Edo, Farsi/Persian, French, Fujianese, Ga, German, Greek (classical/ancient and modern), Gujarati, Guyanese Creole, Haitian Creole, Hebrew (biblical and modern), Hindi, Igbo, Italian, Japanese, Judeo-Babylonian, Aramaic, Judeo-Isfahani, Kannada, K’iche’ (Nahualá), Kinyarwanda, Konkani, Korean, Krio, Latin, Latvian, Mandarin, Mongolian (Khalkha), Nahuatl, Nigerian Pidgin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Shanghainese, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Taiwanese, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Yoruba


Undergraduate Majors