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J.S.D. Application Process

The J.S.D. program is designed for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual and academic aptitude. Applicants should be able to present ample evidence of their legal research and writing achievements as well as their ability to work independently on a substantial research project.

Diversity of all kinds deeply enriches the Columbia student body. Our admissions process welcomes applicants of all professional and life experiences.

J.S.D. applicants must hold either a Columbia Law J.D. or an LL.M. (or be in the process of obtaining an LL.M.). The admissions process prioritizes applicants who are completing or have completed their LL.M. at Columbia Law, but candidates with exceptional credentials from another institution might be admitted.

Admission Standards
Applicants must present evidence of impressive achievements in undergraduate and/or graduate law study or in subsequent scholarly or professional activities, with special emphasis on their capacity for innovative legal research and writing.