English for Advanced Legal Study

Available in Summer

Columbia University’s American Language Program is offering a four-week intensive program to help international LL.M. students polish their English language skills while preparing them for the rigorous demands of graduate coursework, either at Columbia or another law school. 

The course offers multi-skill language instruction in a legal context, with an emphasis on spoken interaction and legal vocabulary, and is custom-designed for LL.M.s beginning their studies in the fall semester. 

  • Speak more fluently, accurately and intelligibly 
  • Participate actively in discussions, debates, & simulations 
  • Listen to lectures from Columbia Law faculty and New York City legal professionals 
  • Deliver impromptu speeches and prepared presentations on legal matters 
  • Learn common legal vocabulary, collocations and key legal concepts 
  • Practice the IRAC method of academic legal writing 
  • Receive extensive feedback on spoken and written English 

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Shelley Saltzman

“Our aim is to help students be better equipped to participate actively and skillfully in law school seminar classes and group projects. This is about enabling them to truly thrive, not just survive, in the law school environment.” 

Shelley Saltzman, Senior Lecturer and course designer