Academic Support Plan Policy

Academic Support Plan

LL.M. Students are considered to be on track to graduate if they have: (1) a GPA of higher than 2.67, (2) not failed any classes in the Fall semester and (3) do not have any unauthorized incompletes. LL.M. Students not on track to graduate are considered to be in need of an Academic Support Plan.

OGP will review the transcripts of all LL.M. Students after the Fall semester to determine if any students are not on track to graduate and should be given an Academic Support Plan. This will not be noted on a student’s official transcript but will be provided to the student in writing by email.

Any LL.M. Student in need of an Academic Support Plan will be notified by their academic advisor and be required to meet with their academic advisor as soon as possible after such notification. At the meeting with their academic advisor, the student’s options will be discussed, including, without limitation:

  • If a student has failed a seminar class, the student should meet with the CLS Writing Center as soon as possible to discuss how to improve their writing, in addition to the possibility of re-sitting the class (if applicable), pursuant to the Rules of the LL.M. Program.
  • If the student has failed a lecture class, the student should inquire about reexamination or re-sitting the class (if applicable) to improve the grade, pursuant to the Rules of the LL.M. Program.

The student should also discuss with their academic advisor what they believed went well during the Fall semester and what did not go well, as well as potential changes to be made for the Spring semester. Students with an Academic Support Plan should not be enrolled in more than 12 credits, unless the LL.M. Student needs more than 12 credits to be eligible to graduate from the LL.M. Program.

The LL.M. Student will also be expected to stay in close contact with their OGP academic advisor, including bi-weekly check-ins to discuss how the semester is progressing. The student’s academic advisor may also require the student to make appointments at the CLS Writing Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Office of Disability Services or other offices or departments of the University that the advisor believes would benefit the student during the Spring semester.