Still have questions? Browse our frequently asked exam questions below. 

Where is my exam schedule?

You may view your individual exam schedule in LawNet under the “Check Schedule” module. 

What is the Law School’s Academic Integrity policy?

The full text of the Law School’s Integrity policy is listed here. The relative autonomy of the legal profession carries with it special obligations of self-regulation as outlined in the Columbia Law School Bulletin and that any violation of this certification will subject a student to discipline, including possible suspension or expulsion by the Law School, declination to certify for admission to the Bar, and sharing of information about discipline with Bar admissions committees. The Law School is required to notify Bar admissions committees if a student has been the subject of disciplinary proceedings, regardless of the outcome of those proceedings.

I have approved exam accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.  Who should I contact if I have questions?

Students with approved ADA accommodations will receive communications and instructions from our office throughout the exam period. We work closely with the Office of Student Services and the Office of  Disability Services to ensure students receive suitable services while taking their exams remotely.

I am feeling extremely stressed. Who can I talk to?

It is completely reasonable to feel stressed during this time. You can always reach out to either Student Services or the Office of Graduate Degree Programs to speak to an academic adviser. The University also offers Counseling and Psychological Services. If you're experiencing high levels of distress and need immediate assistance, CPS also is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 212-854-2878.

In Case of Emergency

We care about our students, and we understand that emergencies happen. In the event of sudden illness, accident, or last-minute emergencies, please follow these steps:

1. Be sure to inform Registration Services or your Proctor that you are unwell PRIOR to the start of any exam.

2. Do not reach out to your instructor. In order to maintain anonymous grading, refrain from contacting your instructor regarding exam scheduling or rescheduling.

3. Please seek necessary medical or emergency attention. 

4. When the visit is complete, please provide documentation through the Emergency Rescheduling Request Form, which opens on the first day of exams at 8:00 a.m. EDT.  Any excuse granted on grounds of illness is conditioned upon receiving a satisfactory medical note from the attending physician, which specifies the nature and duration of the illness

5. Reach out to Registration Services as soon as possible 

a. via phone call at 212-854-2668

b. via email

6. A member of the Registration Services team will respond to your request within 12 hours. Please note that if you start an exam but cannot finish it, Registration Services will not be able to arrange for you to retake it.

What is Exam4?

Exam4 is the exam software used to administer all proctored (in-class) and take-home (remote) Law School exams. The Exam4 system is a secure environment for exam administration and is widely used by law schools and bar examiners.

Students will need to download the software every semester. You will type your answers into Exam4 as you would type into any standard word processor. It is the computing equivalent of an exam bluebook. You are required to download and test the software no later than one week prior to the day of your exam.

What are exam modes?

Exam modes determine an exam taker's electronic access. Your professors will be selecting the exam mode for their exams. Below are the 4 different exam modes. It is crucial you use the practice exam to test out all 4 modes on your computer.

  1. CLOSED: Students may not access the hard drive, applications, or Internet. At the beginning of the exam, the software will run a brief security check. If the computer fails the security check, reboot the computer and restart the software.
  2. OPEN LAPTOP : Students may access the hard drive and other applications, but will not have access to the Internet.
  3. OPEN LAPTOP + NETWORK: Students have access to the hard drive, applications, and the Internet.
  4. TAKEHOME: Similar to Open Laptop + Network except you can cut, copy, and paste from outside sources, upload a file, and suspend the exam. 

Where can I find my exam number?

Exam numbers will be located in LawNet under the “Check Grades” module.  

You must enter your exam number correctly into Exam4 or the software will not recognize you.

Where can I find my exam number for Exam4 practice exams?

For the practice exam ONLY, your “Exam ID” will be your UNI (example: je1111).

Can I copy and paste my answers from Microsoft Word into Exam4?

NO. You will not be able to cut/copy and paste any external document into the software. Students are required to write all of their answers directly into the software.  

I used Exam4 for my midterms. Should I re-download Exam4 again for my finals?

Yes, if you have used Exam4 before for any other type of exam you will need to re-download the software every exam period, every term. 

Am I required to take a practice exam after installing the Exam4 software?

It is important to download and submit a practice exam to ensure the Exam4 software is properly installed. We strongly recommend completing a practice exam in multiple exam modes, especially doing an in-class exam in CLOSED mode. This will run a necessary security check on your laptop that will determine if Exam4 is fully functional on your device.

Make sure your laptop is in good working order prior to your first exam.

What if I see there is an issue with Exam4 and my laptop?

If you encounter any problems during your practice exam before the exam period, please go to Exam4 User Support at 

Exam4 Support is available for rapid response between 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. EDT.

Can I use an iPad to take my exams?

Unfortunately no, the software is not compatible with an iPad. You must use a laptop.

My laptop is not compatible with the software, even after I worked with Exam4 or I only have an iPad and do not have the ability to borrow a laptop. Can I borrow a laptop?

Yes, the Law School’s IT department is available to provide loaner laptops. Please fill out this form to make your request. Their office is located on the first floor of JG, right outside of JG 106 (near the lockers). 

Can I use a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse?

Yes, but first please test out your keyboard and mouse using the practice exam to ensure they function properly with the software. 

Can I use a second monitor or a second device during my exam?

No. You may only use ONE monitor on a single device, unless mandated by the Office of Disability Services (ODS) as part of a student accommodationThis policy is in place to keep the exam setting as equitable for students as possible, knowing not all students have access to multiple monitors. 


Are my exam answers being saved as I type?

Exam4 automatically saves exam answers every 10 seconds to the hard drive and backs up exam files every 2 minutes.

Can I change the size of the Exam4 screen?

The Exam4 text window is a fixed size and cannot be changed to full-screen on Mac devices. You can only increase the text window by selecting “XL” in Step 3: Exam time; Font size and Contrast. If the “XL” is not selectable on your computer, please contact Exam4 Support for further assistance. 

Once you enter the exam you cannot change the size, though you may zoom in and out of your text. 

Which editing tools does Exam4 provide?

Exam4 contains a dedicated word processor with functionality that is more limited than programs such as Microsoft Word.

Exam4 allows the exam-taker to Cut, Copy, and Paste, Undo, Redo, Delete and Select exam text within the software. Commands are available in the Edit menu and with standard keyboard shortcuts.

The Delete key does not function on a character-by-character basis, but does delete text that has been highlighted.

Exam4 does not automatically run spell-check; however, the spell-check feature is available in the Tools menu. Be sure to allow time for spell-check to run before the exam time ends.

Which formatting tools does Exam4 provide?

Exam4 provides basic Word formatting tools such as bold, italic, and underline.

Can I add endnotes or footnotes?

No. Exam4 does not allow endnotes or footnotes.

How can I tell how many pages I have written?

 Exam4 does not provide a page count. It provides an accurate word count listed under the “Show Document Statistics”. 

Do I have to write all of my answers under Question 1?

We highly recommend using the “Answer Separator” feature, which creates a boundary between your answers. This will help your instructor differentiate your answers. 

How can I verify that my answers were submitted? 

Once you submit your exam, you should see a pop-up box in green that says Exam Submittal Successful. That is your confirmation that your exam was successfully submitted to our office. If for any reason your exam submission was not successful, we will contact you directly and provide you with step-by-step instructions to re-submit your exam. 

How do I know which classroom to go to for my final exam?

At least a week prior to the final exam period, you will find your exam room location listed on our exams website.

When should I arrive for my exam?

You should always arrive at your exam room 30 minutes prior to your exam start time.

What should I do if the exam has not started and I am feeling sick?

If you are feeling unwell, please raise your hand and inform the proctor BEFORE the exam has started. The proctor will direct you accordingly to ensure your exam is rescheduled. It is important that if you are sick that you do NOT open your exam. Once you open the exam, you must complete it.

I forgot my power cord. I have a fully charged battery. Can I take my exam?

No. Students are required to bring their power cords into the exam room or you will be required to handwrite your exam. If you do not have your power cord and you arrive early, you may go home and get it or you may ask IT for a loaner power cord. Please note if you do not return to the exam room before the exam begins, you will not receive compensatory time. 

My computer has frozen in the middle of the exam, what should I do?

Raise your hand and a proctor will assist you in retrieving your exam answers. Please remain calm and remember that your exam answers are saved every two minutes. If the proctor is not able to retrieve your exam within 15 minutes, you will need to handwrite the rest of your exam. Our office will then ensure to provide your professor with your entire exam answers both typed and handwritten. You will receive compensation time for the amount of time spent retrieving your answers. 

If I finish my exam early can I leave the exam room or do I have to wait until everyone has finished?

If you finish your exam early, please raise your hand so a proctor may ensure you submitted your answers correctly, and please feel free to leave the room quietly to not disturb your classmates. 


Am I required to use Exam4 for my remote exam?

Yes. All remote exams must be completed via Exam4.

Where can I find the exam questions?

The exam questions are located inside the Exam4 software for all remote exams under the “Resources” tab. 

How do I view the digital scantron and multiple-choice questions side by side?

If your questions are hidden you must first click on the “Tools” menu and then click “Show Exam Document” to open the exam questions. Once the questions are open click on the “Side by side view”. Now on the top menu click on “Multiple Choice” to see them both simultaneously.

For computer system-specific details and screenshots please see page 21 on the Windows Handbook and page 20 on the Mac handbook. 

Can I close my remote exam and re-open it at a later time?

If your exam is a TAKEHOME mode, it is possible to exit the Exam4 interface and re-open it to continue working at a later point (within the designated exam time period).

Please note your exam time continues to run, even if you’ve exited the interface. Be sure to submit your exam before your take-home exam time ends.

• Select “End Exam” from the File and Save Options menu.

• Click “Suspend Exam”.

• Click “File and Save Options” on the toolbar, Click “Exit”, Checkbox “I’m sure”, then click the “Exit Exam Software” button.

• To re-start, choose “Select Existing Exam” from the Exam4 start screen.

• Select the correct exam and “Begin Exam.”

Can I complete my remote exam on campus?

Yes, we have reserved rooms on the weekdays for students who need a quiet place to take their take-home exams. The rooms available per day will be posted on our exams website under the Exam Locations accordion.

Can I complete my remote exam in another state or country?

Yes, you may complete your remote exam in another state or county. Please be mindful that if you are in a different time zone we will only be able to assist you during our office hours from Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EDT. These office hours are only during the final exam period. 

My computer froze and I am away from campus, what should I do?

STOP. Do NOT spend time trying to fix the issue yourself as we will not be able to provide you with compensation time for that manner. Please call or email us immediately so we may assist you and provide you with any necessary compensation time. We may also direct you to contact Exam4 Support:

Do NOT contact your instructor, TA, or faculty assistant. Law School exams are graded anonymously and doing so would compromise your anonymity. 

Can I edit my exam after it’s been submitted?

An exam cannot be reopened once it has been submitted electronically. Students are responsible for ensuring the version submitted is complete and final.

When and how can I review my exam after it has been submitted?

Exam answers are encrypted. This means exam administrators can read it, but students will not be able to access the file after it is submitted.

You can make an appointment with your instructor to review your exam answers only AFTER you have received your final grades.



Is the software compatible with my computer and/or operating system?

Exam4 works with most Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux operating systems are NOT supported. For the most current list of supported operating systems, please visit

If you are using a Mac or Windows Vista, you must give yourself administrator rights. If you need help with this, you can go to the Law IT Help Desk ([email protected]).

You are required to submit practice exams in multiple exam modes to confirm software compatibility. DO NOT make any changes to your computer after you have installed Exam4 and conducted a practice exam.

If you must perform updates or download software or applications after installing Exam4, please take another practice exam BEFORE starting any in- class or remote exam to ensure Exam4 is still functioning correctly.

If you have further questions about this, please do not hesitate to visit Exam4 Support before the start of exams: (follow the links for user support).

Does it matter whether I download Exam4 on a Mac or Windows operating system?

Key differences in Mac vs. Windows operating systems:

• Windows computers will automatically overwrite the prior semester’s version of Exam4, when a new version is downloaded.

• Macs maintain both versions unless the previous semester’s version of Exam4 software is uninstalled. We recommend uninstalling the old version to avoid confusion over the correct version.

• Both Macs and Windows have a “delete” key. On Windows, this key deletes characters, text before, and is disabled in Exam4, the delete key can only be used to delete selections of text. On a Mac, this key functions the same.

Please review our Exam Handbooks that are specific to the operating system.

What is a security check?

The security check runs in CLOSED mode. The Exam4 software analyzes files that may interfere with its successful operation. It is especially important that you take a practice exam in CLOSED mode to ensure Exam4 is functioning properly on your laptop.

The security check is initiated when you click “Begin Exam”. It usually takes 30 – 40 seconds, but may take up to 2 minutes. We recommend using this time to read your exam question/s. As long as the indicator is moving, the scan is active.

Submitting a practice exam in CLOSED mode will allow you to identify security risks in advance. Please note that anything you download between the time of your practice exam and the actual exam may affect the Security Check. If you have any problems or questions about this, please follow the links for Exam4 User Support at for help.

The Security Check found a file that is a security risk. Can someone override it so I can start my exam?

No. If you are sitting for an exam and the security check has identified a problem, you need to correct it before beginning the exam. If you cannot proceed with your exam, raise your hand to notify the proctor.

I get an error message that says “You must Authenticate in order to disable the network to take this exam” What do I do?

If you are being prompted for a password, enter the password you use to sign in to your administrative user account on your Mac.

If you are not getting the password prompt, on the rare occasion a user will get this message upon their first execution of Exam4.

> In most cases, rebooting the Mac will solve the issue and the user will be able to run a practice exam.

> Some users have had success simply by right-clicking (control+click) on Exam4 in the Applications folder, and selecting "open".

If that does not solve the issue, follow these instructions exactly to remove the Helper Tool:

Click >

If the problem persists, please contact Exam4 at for further assistance.