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Columbia Law School offers more than a dozen simulation courses that give students the opportunity to tackle hypothetical, real-world legal challenges in the classroom.

Upper-level students can enroll in advanced simulation courses that expand on earlier lessons or delve deeper into a specific practice area. For instance, in Law and Theatre, students draft the contracts necessary to mount a Broadway show. In the popular Deals Workshops, students learn how to structure complicated financial transactions, often using real-life deals as a starting point. In litigation- based simulations, students learn to examine witnesses, introduce evidence, and present oral arguments. And in simulations that bring transactional matters to life, students learn to interview and counsel clients, negotiate between disputing parties, and draft contracts. Through such simulation courses, students step into the role of lawyer and develop the foundational skills they will need to thrive in any aspect of the legal profession.

ADDITIONAL TOPICS INCLUDE: Environmental issues in business transactions; entrepreneurship; real estate transactions; bankruptcy; international commercial arbitration; technology and venture

You can generate a list of simulation courses by entering the Course Guide and filtering for “Course Types: Simulations” and “Additional Attributes: Experiential.”