S. Advanced Negotiation Workshop

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Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution, Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility
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Experiential Credit

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This class is an advanced experiential offering designed for students who have successfully completed the basic Negotiation Workshop seminar (L8115) or its equivalent, and who wish to further develop their skills and expertise as negotiators. Topics to be covered will include mindfulness, emotional self-management, dealing with difficult people and hardball negotiation tactics, advanced techniques of persuasion, the tension between preparation and improvisation and negotiating through digital media such as email.

The first few weeks of the course will be devoted to reviewing fundamental negotiation principles and core communication skills. Students will be asked to develop individual strategies for self-improvement and will track their own progress as the course unfolds. Students will be expected to attend all classes, to prepare for and engage in role-plays and in-class exercises, and to prepare weekly journals in which they analyze their negotiation experiences. The final exam will be administered on a take-home basis and will ask students to either analyze and assess a video or transcript of a complex negotiation or answer questions that address their understanding of the themes and lessons of the course.

Assigned materials will include academic texts and articles, selections from publications of the Harvard Project on Negotiation, contemporary news articles and videos, and fictional portrayals of negotiations from television and cinema.

Credits earned in the class will count toward the graduation requirement in experiential coursework (see JD Rule 1.1.5).


The course will be limited to 16 students. Students who have not taken the Negotiation Workshop seminar at the law school (L8115), but who have successfully completed an equivalent course at another school or institution OR have significant work-related negotiation experience, are warmly invited to email the instructor for permission to take the class. All registered students must attend the first class unless they receive written permission from the instructor to be absent.
Wait-listed students are strongly encouraged to attend the first class if they wish to be considered for admission.

School Year & Semester
Spring 2024
WJWH 417
Class meets on
  • Wednesday
6:20 pm - 9:10 pm
Method of Evaluation
J.D Writing Credit?

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing communication skills such as active listening, demonstrating empathy, asserting without offending, prioritizing interests, gathering and clarifying useful information.
  • Identifying one's individual strengths and weaknesses in negotiation, and developing a plan to overcome obstacles to personal growth.
  • Learning to manage stress (and other strong emotions) and to maintain composure in pressured settings.
  • Understanding the psychology of persuasion and learning effective persuasion techniques.
  • Learning to maintain an appropriate balance between preparation and improvisation.
  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities presented in negotiations through digital media such as email.
  • Learning to think about negotiation in new and helpful ways.

Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites
L8115 S. Negotiation Workshop or equivalent at another school or institution.
Instructor Co-Requisites
Recommended Courses
Other Limitations
All registered students must attend the first session unless they receive permission from the instructor to be absent. Wait-listed students are strongly encouraged to attend the first class if they wish to be considered for admission.