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Housing Application Process

Details regarding the housing application, including your unique identifier (PID) and passcode, will be emailed to you in late February. For students admitted after that point, you'll receive your housing email approximately two weeks after your acceptance letter. The application is due May 1st.

Note: By applying for housing, you are not formally accepting a place in the Columbia Law School entering class. The enrollment decision and the housing application are separate processes. You must submit the enrollment deposit and the housing application separately, by May 1st in order to secure your place in the Class of 2026 and to secure university housing.

Details regarding the housing application, including your unique identifier (PID) and passcode, will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after your decision letter. The application is due May 1. All students who wish to apply for housing must create a “My Housing Portal” account on the Columbia Residential website. There is no fee to apply for on-campus housing. 

You will need the following information to create an account:

  • PID: A unique Columbia ID that is emailed to you by the Admissions Office shortly after you receive your Offer of Admission. It is 10 digits long and in the format Cxxxxxxxxx.
  • UNI: All housing information (offer, Columbia Residential account information, etc.) will be sent to your Columbia email account. You must therefore check your Columbia email account regularly.*

*Note: Both pieces of information are student-specific and will be emailed to you as they become available. 

Then complete and submit the online housing application by May 1.

Housing assignments are made after the Law School verifies your enrollment deposit status to Columbia Residential.  

Students approved for housing may self-select a room or apartment that best fits their needs. Approved students will be invited to participate in self-selection rounds, when they will review a list of available units (including address, apartment number and building amenities, etc.) and select their unit online.

Shortly after you create your account (typically within five to 10 minutes), an email will arrive in your inbox with instructions regarding authenticating and activating your Columbia Residential account. Follow the directions accordingly. If you do not see the email within half an hour, you should check your spam folder. Students who do not see the instruction email in their inbox or spam folder within 24 hours should contact Columbia Residential via email at [email protected] or at 212-854-9300.

You will be able to monitor the status of your housing application and update it as needed through “My Housing Portal.”

Note: If you wish to register with Columbia Residential before February 1st, you may do so as soon as you have your PID, however, the housing application will not be available until February 1st. You will need to remember to log in and file the appropriate housing application between the beginning of February through May 1st. No reminder will be sent.

All housing information and application information will be sent to your UNI email, please make sure to be monitoring your email account as self-selection dates and appointments are time-sensitive. For more information on the application process, please visit Columbia Residential Application Process and Housing Selection information here.

Most questions regarding the housing process can be answered on the Columbia Residential Housing FAQ’s page. You can also live chat with a Columbia Residential representative on the Columbia Residential homepage, or call 212-854-9300, or email [email protected].

If you are an incoming law student and have questions regarding eligibility, housing details, and general questions please contact the Office of Student Services at [email protected].