• Training United Nations Diplomats

    Columbia Law School will develop a program to train U.N. diplomats and personnel in negotiation techniques and conflict resolution under an agreement signed this week by Columbia University and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

    Training United Nations Diplomats
  • Follow the Money

    Professor Michael J. Graetz's series of essays reveals how current international tax policy came into place nearly 100 years ago, critiques current principles used to formulate policy, identifies and dissects the most prevalent tax avoidance techniques, and offers suggestions for reform.

    Follow the Money
  • From the Magazine

    Geoffrey Wexler ’93

    As chief of the international division at the Academy Award–winning Japanese film company Studio Ghibli, Geoffrey Wexler ’93 oversees licensing matters and other negotiations while serving as a producer for the English-language versions of its films.

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