George A. Bermann
Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law, Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law; Director, Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration

B.A., Yale, 1967; J.D., Yale, 1971; LL.M., Columbia, 1975
George P. Fletcher
Cardozo Professor of Jurisprudence
George P. Fletcher is regarded as one of the leading scholars in the United States in the fields of torts and criminal law, in particular, comparative and international criminal law.

Here is a link to Mr. Fletcher's debut novel:

Philip M. Genty
Everett B. Birch Innovative Teaching Clinical Professor in Professional Responsibility
B.A., Colorado College, 1977; J.D., New York University, 1980.
Michael B. Gerrard
Andrew Sabin Professor of Professional Practice
B.A., political science, Columbia University, 1972; J.D., New York University School of Law, 1978. Gerrard is Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.
Ronald J. Gilson
Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business
A.B., Washington University, 1968; J.D., Yale, 1971.
Jane C. Ginsburg
Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law
B.A., Chicago, 1976; M.A., Chicago, 1977; J.D., Harvard, 1980; D.E.A., Université de Paris II, 1985 (Fulbright grantee); Doctor of Law, Université de Paris II, 1995.
Suzanne B. Goldberg
Executive Vice President for University Life; Herbert and Doris Wechsler Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Center for Gender and Sexuality Law
A.B. Brown University (magna cum laude), 1985; Fulbright Fellow, 1985-86; J.D. (cum laude), Harvard, 1990.
Victor P. Goldberg
Jerome L. Greene Professor of Transactional Law
B.A., Oberlin, 1963; M.A., Yale, 1964; Ph.D., 1970.
Jeffrey N. Gordon
Richard Paul Richman Professor of Law; Co-Director, Richman Center for Business, Law & Public Policy
Co-Director, Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership
Co-Director, Center for Law and Economic Studies
B.A. Yale, 1971; J.D., Harvard, 1975.
Zohar Goshen
Alfred W. Bressler Professor of Law; Director, Center for Israeli Legal Studies
LL.B., Hebrew University, 1987; LL.M., Yale Law School, 1990, S.J.D., Yale Law School, 1991.
Michael J. Graetz
Columbia Alumni Professor of Tax Law
LL.B., University of Virginia, 1969; B.B.A., Emory University, 1966
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