Carol Sanger

Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law

Office: Jerome Greene Hall, Rm. 818, mailbox D-13
New York NY 10027
Tel: 212-854-5478

Assistant Info

Name: Marianne Carroll
Phone: (212)854-0653

Papers available at the Social Science Research Network:

Teaching Version of Baby M for Contracts (PDF)

Courses/Current Research

  • Contracts
  • Family Law
  • The Regulation of Abortion: Law in Context
  • Meanings of Motherhood: Legal and Historical Perspectives


  • J.D., University of Michigan, 1976
  • B.A., Wellesley, 1970

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Brief Biography:

B.A., Wellesley, 1970; J.D., University of Michigan, 1976. Commercial law practice,  San Francisco, 1976-1979;  Taught at the University of Oregon, 1979-81, and at Santa Clara University Law School, 1985-94. Visiting scholar, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford University, 1990-91; Visiting Professor, Stanford Law School, 1991-92, Columbia Law School, 1994-96. Joined Columbia faculty in 1996. Member of executive board of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Awarded Columbia University Presidential Teaching Prize, 2001. Fellow, Program on Law and Public Affairs, Princeton, 2003-04.  Awarded Willis Reese Teaching Prize by graduating class of 2007.  Plumer Fellow, St. Anne's College, Oxford, Fall, 2008.  Teaching areas include Contracts, Family Law, and courses focusing on reproduction, the legal profession, and law and gender. Recent scholarship focuses on the regulation of maternal conduct, the regulation of abortion, surrogacy, and always, law's relation to culture. Editor, Cases and Materials on Contracts (8th ed., 2013) (with Professors Garvin, Cohen, and Brooks).