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Snowden and the Future: Ancillary Seminar

Start/End Thursday, December 12, 2013 06:30 PM EST -- 08:00 PM EST
Location Name Jerome Greene Annex

An ancillary seminar by Eben Moglen and guest lecturer, Bruce Schneier. Co-sponsored by Columbia Law School and the Software Freedom Law Center
Reception to follow

Columbia University Law School professor Eben Moglen follows up his four part talk series, "Snowden and the Future" with an ancillary seminar with guest lecturer, Bruce Schneier.  "Snowden and the Future" is enlightening persons across the globe on the origin and dangers of insidious surveillance tactics.  In this extension, world-renowned cryptographer and security specialist Bruce Scheier joins with Eben in a discussion focused on the technical details of total surveillance and how to take action to prevent it.

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