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Domestic Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity: Capacity v. Political Will

Start/End Friday, November 22, 2013 01:30 PM EST -- 03:00 PM EST
Location Name SIPA Building, 15th Floor

As part of the 7th Annual Africa Development Forum, LASS presents: Human Rights, the Law, and Building African Capacities for Justice

Numerous African countries have been seen to suffer from conflicts that have led to mass violations of human rights. Today, the International Criminal Court is actively prosecuting current and former leaders who are accused of committing atrocities as far reaching as genocide and ethnic cleansing, election violence and guerilla massacres. The effects of such conflicts-and the ensuing cases on the international stage-on development cannot be understated: human development lags behind, and so does economic development.
What capacity do African nations-individually or collectively-have to address these grave crimes and conflicts? This panel will examine the sufficiency of African laws in addressing these crimes, the role of political will in implementing any enacted laws; and specific examples of countries in Africa that have in the past addressed such crimes such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa. In addition, the panel will address solutions to capacity gaps in the short and long-term. The conversation will touch on short-term, complementary legal reforms such as transitional justice and gacaca courts, with an additional emphasis on the acceptance of international law and the ICC. Long-term solutions will revolve around the need to build institutions and frameworks that have the capacity to first prevent and then respond to crimes stemming from African conflicts.

Date: 22 November, 2013
Venue: SIPA Building, 15th Floor
Time: 1.30- 3pm
Speakers: Tseliso Thipanyane and Mahmood Mamdani

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