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Taking a Bus from Immanuel to Me'a She'arim: The Role of Israel's High Court of Justice in Regulating Ethnic and Gender Discrimination in Israel's Haredi Ultra-Orthodox Sector

Start/End Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:10 PM EST -- 01:15 PM EST
Location Name JGH 107

Margit Cohn, senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under a joint appointment of the Faculty of Law and the Federman School of Public Policy, will discuss the outcomes of three recent applications to the Supreme Court of Israel that concerned ethnic discrimination in a semi-private utlra-orthodox girls school, gender segregation in public transportation that serves communities with large ultra-orthodox population, and gender separation of public streets during a Jewish holiday. Three different Supreme Court resolutions and their post-decision dynamics serve as a basis for an analysis of the role of the judiciary in this highly sensitive social and political issue, in Israel and beyond. Box lunches will be served. Contact: