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Fidelio Society: Personality Types: Natural Kinds, Natural Laws

Start/End Wednesday, October 10, 2012 08:00 PM EDT -- 09:00 PM EDT

Why do people believe in theories of personality? Which elements of the personality are essential? Are there such things as natural kinds and types, and if so, what are they? If there are no natural types, what are the implications for the concept of natural law, especially in the Thomistic tradition? We will have a brief overview of ancient and modern philosophical concepts of essences, abstractions, and natural kinds, and we will get to know members of the Fidelio Society by discussing our Myers-Briggs types and how well these types reflect our own personalities. (You can take a sample test here: if you don’t know your type).

Snacks both natural (fruit and cheese) and artificial (brownies) will be provided. We will also introduce the Fidelio Society for any new attendees, and briefly discuss the plans for the upcoming year. Email with questions and for event location.