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First Visiting Scholars Forum of this Semester

Start/End Wednesday, September 25, 2013 12:10 PM EDT -- 01:10 PM EDT
Location Name WJW 101

Please join us for two fascinating presentations, on EU data protection laws and the US; and how translation affects comparative law!


“Data Protection in EU/Germany and the US”


Speaker: Bianca Bajmel (Ph.D. Candidate at University of Tuebingen; Visiting Research Fellow at Columbia Law School)


What happens when you post something on Facebook from a European member state? Your personal data will be transferred to a server in the US. With some exceptions, EU law prohibits the transfer of data from EU Member States to third countries like the US. The speaker is showing why this is, based on a comparison of legal systems and a discussion of the exceptions.


“Say What? How Translation Shapes Comparative Law”


Speaker: Jaap Baaij (Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam Law School; Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School)


More often than not, comparing the laws of different countries involves dealing with legal systems that use different languages. The speaker demonstrates how the element of translation unnoticeably but unavoidably shapes the outcome of comparative legal research. He therefore proposes a particular way of translation that least upsets the work of the comparing lawyer.


Lunch is served!