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Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Columbia Law School has compiled just some of the stories that feature black members of our community and their outstanding accomplishments as well as those who have played a part in the fight for civil rights.

Explore our stories:

The Legacy of 1619: Columbia Law Explores the Impact of Slavery on the American Legal System Read More
Roderick Ireland: Breaking Barriers at Columbia Law and on the Bench Read More
Columbians Who Played a Role in Brown v. Board Read More
Former Attorney General Eric Holder ’76 Honored at the 25th BLSA Anniversary Gala Read More
The Legacy of Professor Kellis E. Parker, Columbia Law’s First Black Professor Read More
Kimberlé Crenshaw on Intersectionality, More Than Two Decades Later Read More
Rashida La Lande ’98: 57 Varieties of Wise Counsel Read More
Nigerian Human Rights Attorney Named 2019–2020 Baker McKenzie Scholar Read More
Lynnise Pantin ’03 Joins Faculty as Clinical Professor of Law Read More
Ryan Smith ’97 Goes “Outside the Lines” for ESPN Read More
And ... Action: Nina Shaw ’79 Sets the Stage for Reform in Hollywood Read More
Honoring Constance Baker Motley ’46, the Nation’s First Black Female Federal Judge Read More
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