News at Columbia Law from 2019

Nike General Counsel Hilary Krane Teaches Students How to Win Trust and Influence People

As a visiting leader-in-residence, Krane offered students insider strategies for managing a team and succeeding as in-house counsel at a multinational corporation.

Rashida La Lande ’98: 57 Varieties of Wise Counsel

As Kraft Heinz general counsel, La Lande loves her wide-ranging role.

Read This Now: Law Faculty Name the Books That Influenced Them Most

Just in time for winter break reading, these books changed faculty’s lives and will change yours too.

Faculty in the News

Columbia Law School Clip Report, November 16–30, 2019

“Abrams” at 100: 20 Experts Converge on Columbia

Professor Vincent Blasi gathered leading First Amendment scholars at Columbia Law School for an illuminating symposium on Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s famous dissent on free speech.

Inaugural 3C Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Yusuf Kumtepe ’20 LL.M.

Created by global international arbitration firm Three Crowns, the scholarship is dedicated to LL.M. students interested in a career in international arbitration.

What Is a High Crime? Columbia Law Experts Demystify the Impeachment Proceedings

Columbia Law experts explain how impeachment works, what is a high crime or misdemeanor, and what other legal and constitutional governance issues impeachment raises.

Mark Attanasio ’82: From M&A to Major League Baseball

The co-founder of Crescent Capital Group and principal owner of the Milwaukee Brewers discussed the rewards of leveraging a legal education for a career in finance, philanthropy, and professional sports at an Alumni Speaker Luncheon.

Mental Health and the War in Yemen

Clare Skinner ’20 LL.M. and Ellie Dupler ’20 report on their recent trip to Beirut where they attended a workshop tied to the Human Rights Clinic's ongoing advocacy work on the right to mental health in Yemen.

Before the Violence Starts: Early Intervention Is Key to Preventing Atrocities

Ivan Šimonović, who served as the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General of Human Rights and the Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect, spoke at the Law School on November 20 at a talk hosted by the Center on Global Governance.

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