News at Columbia Law from 2014

A New Era

Professor Tim Wu, the Creator of the Term Net Neutrality and a Longtime Advocate of the Idea, Reflects on the FCC's Vote to Codify the Principle of an Open Internet

Hertog Program on Law and National Security Offers Insight into Conflicts Around the World

Columbia Law School Professor Matthew Waxman and Former Senator Joseph Lieberman Discuss Congressional Role in Foreign Policy with Students and Alumni

The Magna Carta Revisited

Columbia Law School Professor Philip Hamburger Discusses the Modern-Day Relevance of the Historic Document

A Speedy Response

Columbia Law School Professor Elora Mukherjee and Eight Students in the Law School's Immigrants' Rights Clinic Were the First to Offer Pro Bono, Individual Representation to Asylum Seekers Detained at a New Family Detention Center in Dilley, Texas

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and the Federal Civil Rights Statute

Columbia Law School Professors Jeffrey Fagan, Bernard Harcourt, Olatunde Johnson, Daniel Richman and Kendall Thomas Explore the Role of the Federal Government in Investigating Alleged Civil Rights Abuses

Actors and Film Authorship: Unpacking Garcia v. Google

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Professor Richard Briffault Testifies Before Federal Election Commission

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Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity Hosts Panel on Sheldon Silver Case

Professors Richard Briffault and Daniel Richman Join CAPI Executive Director Jennifer Rodgers in an Analysis of the Law Underlying the Criminal Complaint

Columbia Law School Mourns the Loss of Harvey J. Goldschmid '65

A Beloved Professor and Distinguished Alumnus, Goldschmid Was a Venerable Member of the Columbia Community

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