The resources in this section will provide you with helpful information on the judge and courts where you may wish to clerk and the work of law clerks.



Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR) 
Information about all federal judicial clerkship openings as well as an online interface to apply electronically to those judges who wish to receive applications in this format. All applicants must register with OSCAR in order to access the system and receive periodic updates about clerkship openings.

Alliance for Justice: Judicial Selection Project
Generate various reports about the federal judiciary. Users can create a report of, for example, judges appointed by a particular president, or the demographics of judges on a particular court.

Federal Judicial Center
Contains biographies of federal judges as well as descriptions of various federal courts.

Federal Judiciary Website
Contains extensive information about the federal court system, including descriptions of various Article III courts, federal salary tables, a description of the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan, and information about judicial vacancies, nominations, and confirmations.

Just the Beginning Foundation 
Celebrates diversity within the federal judiciary. Contains information about programming as well as lists of African American, Asian American, Latino/a American, Native American, and women judges in the federal judiciary.

Senate Nominations Website
Current listings of recent judicial nominations and confirmations. Click on "civilian nominations" pending or confirmed.

Leadership Connect
Provides useful biographical information about federal and state judges.  Please note: Due to licensing restrictions, you can only log on automatically from a computer connected to the Columbia network.

Vermont Law School Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures 
Detailed application guidelines for all of the state court systems in the United States. Click on "Access the Guide" to access information. This site is password protected. CLS login credentials are Username: silver and Password: maple

Insight and Information:  How to select a State Court Clerkship 
NALP brings you some helpful hints and thinking points to ponder about State Court Clerkships

Federal Administrative Law Judges' Post Graduate Clerkship Hiring Information 
This Guide summarizes information from various Office of Administrative Law Judges within federal agencies regarding post-graduate clerkship hiring.

Bankruptcy Clerkships: An Overlooked Opportunity 
NALP highlights reasons why students and alumni should consider clerkships in bankruptcy court.

Timeline to Apply to Judicial Internships
An at-a-glance look at deadlines for CLS 1Ls seeking to apply to judicial internships.

International Post-Graduate Clerkships
Information and reference guides for students seeking opportunities with foreign courts, international tribunals, and international organizations.

WEBINAR: 1L Summer Judicial Internships
Watch this webinar to learn about judicial internships, the benefits of working for a judge during the summer, and the nuts and bolts of the application process. Please contact OJC for the password.

WEBINAR: Law Clerks Who Look Like the People - Clerkship Tips for Law Students of Color
Webinar on the unique barriers that law students of color might experience when considering clerking and how to overcome them. Sponsored by: Equal Justice Society, California ChangeLawyers and American Constitution Society. Held on October 8, 2019.

Strict Scrutiny Podcast:
A podcast hosted by a few law professors and an appellate lawyer, all of whom have clerked at various levels, including the Supreme Court. Click HERE to listen to one of their episodes where they discuss clerkships and the roles law clerks play in chambers (43:22 minute mark).

Workplace Conduct in the Federal Judiciary: