Please review the links in this section as you prepare your clerkship application materials. 

In order to access certain content, you will need login credentials.  If you do not have this information, please contact [email protected].

Applicant Intake Form 
Please fill in and submit this form for your applications to be processed.

Clerkship Recommendation Form (PDF)
This document can assist you in providing recommenders with the information they need to draft meaningful and compelling recommendations on your behalf. 

Confidentiality Waiver Form (DOC) 
While this form is not required, we prefer that you submit one waiver for each of your recommenders. 

Mail Merge Instructions (DOC)
This document explains how to use the clerkship module in Symplicity to create a merge file ("Merge File") and compose merged cover letters and envelope labels. You may also want to download a Cover Letter Template and Label Template (Avery 5162 labels). If you cannot find the judge through the Symplicity clerkship module, download a Mail Merge Template and fill in the appropriate information, which can be found on Leadership Connect. If you are applying to the Supreme Court, download a SCOTUS Mail Merge Template.  As a reminder, you must complete your Merge File(s) prior to sharing with your recommender's assistant or the Secretariat, as applicable.  Please see the Clerkships Handbook for best practices.




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