Doorway to student residence at 420 116th Street

Nearly 60% of 1L students and 70% of upper-year students take advantage of Columbia Law School's on-campus housing offerings. Graduate student housing is generally located within a 10-block radius of campus. A majority of the buildings are prewar elevator buildings that maintain the charm of Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Most questions regarding the housing process can be answered on the Columbia Residential Housing FAQ’s page. You can also live chat with a Columbia Residential representative on the Columbia Residential homepage, or call 212-854-9300, or email [email protected]. If you are an incoming Law student and have questions regarding eligibility, housing details, and general questions, please contact Luke Christie, Assistant Director of Student Life at Columbia Law School.

Note that by applying for housing, you are not formally accepting a place in the Columbia Law School entering class. The enrollment decision and the housing application are separate processes. You must submit the enrollment deposit and the housing application separately by May 1 in order to secure your place in the Class of 2026 and to secure university housing.

Kindly note, students that submit a second housing application may have their application reviewed later in the housing process but approval is no longer guaranteed. Students may only submit up to two applications per semester; subsequent applications will not be considered, more information on application policies can be found here. If you have any housing portal issues or questions, please contact Columbia Residential at [email protected] immediately.