Monika Leszczynska

  • Academic Fellow; Lecturer in Law

LL.M., NYU School of Law, 2018
PhD in Law, University of Bonn (Germany), 2016
LL.M., Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany), 2009
Master in Law, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), 2008

Areas of Specialty

Behavioral Law and Economics
Consumer Protection
Information Privacy

Monika studies how contract law interacts with individual contractual behavior in the digital environment. She uses various empirical methods such as behavioral experiments, vignette studies as well as systematic content analysis, and computational methods.

She researched, for instance, how economically equivalent terms lead to different contractual behavior by revealing the offeror’s intentions. In another project, she has experimentally studied the reasons why people reject free offers even if they are truly beneficial. Her most recent results revealed that people are more likely to find lying in pre-contractual negotiations immoral than to think it should give a right to rescind a contract.

Monika received her Ph.D in Law from the University of Bonn (Germany). She holds a Master degree in Law from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), and LL.M. degrees from NYU School of Law and from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (Germany). Since 2018, she has been teaching at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.