Hadassa A. Noorda

  • Research Scholar

Hadassa Noorda works in the area of philosophy of law. Her principal areas of interest are criminal law theory and philosophy of the laws of war. Her work has appeared in international refereed journals and she has spoken at several reputed conferences and workshops in North America, Europe and Asia. Her most recent publications appeared or are forthcoming in New Criminal Law Review and Criminal Law and Philosophy. In her article “Preventive Deprivations of Liberty: Asset Freezes and Travel Bans” she argues that some preventive constraints on suspected terrorists imperil the free and autonomous life of the targeted person and require similar protections as their counterparts that put persons under lock and key, and in “Law Reform as a Response to Terrorist Threats” she sets out guidelines for law reform processes to account for the challenges that terrorism may pose to the rule of law and democracy.

Educated in both law and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University (LL.B., LL.M., BA, MA, PhD), Dr. Noorda was a Dworkin Balzan post-doctoral fellow and a Global Hauser post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Law and Philosophy at NYU, under the supervision of Jeremy Waldron and Liam Murphy. As part of her PhD research, she was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University, UC Berkeley, and the European University Institute. She is also the recipient of a Rubicon grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research in collaboration with Rutgers’ Institute for Law and Philosophy for her research into the protection of individual liberty in times of terrorism.

Dr. Noorda has designed and taught courses at the bachelor and master level both at law schools and philosophy departments at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University, on just war theory, philosophy of human rights, political and social philosophy, and introduction to law. She is on the editorial board of The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy.