Faculty Lunch Workshops

View the current and past Faculty Lunch Workshops at Columbia Law School, including schedules and papers for the lunches.

Thursday Workshops

January 30 - David Schizer, “Inefficiency at Nonprofits and the Need for Better Disclosure”

February 6 - James Comey (Former FBI Director)

February 13 - Michael Heller, Excerpts from “Mine! How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives”

February 20 - Charles Sabel, “Building a Good Jobs Economy

February 27 - Frances Kamm (Rutgers), “Four Arguments for Assisted Suicide and the Objections of Gorsuch”

March 5 - Robert Scott, “The Paradox of Contracting in Markets”

March 12 - Kellen Funk


March 26 - Enzo Cannizarro (La Sapienza)

April 2 - Maeve Glass

April 9 - Anu Bradford (Book Celebration)

April 16 - Michael Graetz (Book Celebration)

April 23 - Gillian Metzger

April 30 - Mary Zulack (Retirement Lunch)

Thursday Workshops

January 28 - Entry-Level Job Talk

February 4 - Entry-Level Job Talk

February 11 - Colin Stretch, in conversation with Tim Wu 

February 18 - Eric Talley, "Hard-Core Citation Strategery and the Barely Legal Gaming of Law School Rankings"

February 25 - Social Lunch

March 3 - Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham), "Where There’s a Right There’s a Remedy: Civil Recourse Theory and Private Law"

March 10 - Lateral-Level Job Talk


March 24 - Sarah Knuckey, Anjli Parrin, and Gulika Reddy

March 31 - Lateral-level Job Talk

April 7 - Lateral-level Job Talk

April 14 - Colleen Shanahan

April 21 - Cynthia Margaret Godsoe (Brooklyn Law)

April 28 - Joshua Mitts


September 5 - Tim Wu, "Will Artificial Intelligence Eat the Common Law? The Rise of Hybrid Social-Ordering Systems"

September 12 - Alex Raskolnikov, “Narratives Versus Facts In Distributional Debates”

September 19 - Benjamin Liebman, “The Challenges of Data-Driven Governance in Contemporary China”

September 26 -  Joshua Getzler (Oxford), “What Has Securities Lending and the Right to Use Done to Financial Trusts? Lessons (Imperfectly Learned) from Lehman”

October 3 - Jamal Greene, Excerpts from “The Rights Epidemic; How the Addiction to Absolute Justice Is Dividing America, and What We Can Do About It” (paper copy only)

October 10 - Devon Carbado (UCLA), Excerpts From "The 4th: From Stop-&-Frisk to Shoot-&-Kill With One Amendment"

October 17 - Katharina Pistor Book Celebration, Chapter 1 from The Code of Capital

October 24 - Elizabeth Scott, "Conceptualizing Legal Childhood in the Twenty-First Century"

October 31 - George Fletcher Book Celebration, Excerpts from Basic Concepts of the International Legal Order

November 7 - Merritt Fox & Josh Mitts, "Calamity: The Hazards of Event-Driven Securities Litigation"

November 14 - Justin McCrary, “The Importance of Individual and Family Characteristics in Explaining Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice Contact”

November 21 - Entry-level Job Talk

November 28 - THANKSGIVING

December 5 - Kathryn Judge, "Why Financial Regulation Keeps Falling Short"


Tuesday Faculty Lunch Workshops:

September 3 - Introductions

September 10 - Elizabeth Emens, "On Trust and Expecting the Worst"

September 17 - Jeffrey Fagan, "Prediction Technology and Criminal Law" (no paper)

September 24 - Doron Teichman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Nudge Goes International"

October 1 - NO WORKSHOP

October 8 - David Pozen & Adam Samaha (NYU), "Anti-Modalities"

October 15 - Jeffrey Gordon, "Stewardship by Institutional Investors: What Is Possible? What Is Desirable?"

October 22 - Edward Morrison, "Manipulating Random Assignment: Evidence From Consumer Bankruptcies in the Nation’s Largest Cities"

October 29 - Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, "Hidden Rules"

November 5 - Jane Ginsburg, "Fair Use in the United States: Transformed, Deformed, Reformed?"

November 12 - Entry-Level Job Talk

November 19 - Clarisa Long, “People Are Corporations Too” (paper copy only)

November 26 - Madhav Khosla, "Is a Science of Comparative Constitutionalism Possible?"

December 3 - Kristen Underhill, "Sunsets Are for Suckers: An Experimental Test of Sunset Clauses"

Thursday Workshops

Thursday, 1/24/19 – Charles Sabel, "Self Organization Under Deliberate Direction: Irish Dairy and the Possibilities of a New Climate Change Regime," co-authored by Rory O'Donnell (Director, National Economic and Social Council, Ireland) and Larry O'Connell (Senior Economist, National Economic and Social Council, Ireland)

Thursday, 1/31/19 – Social Lunch

Thursday, 2/7/19 – Henry Monaghan, "Jurisdiction Stripping, Circa 2020: What 'The Dialogue' (Still) Has to Teach Us"

Thursday, 2/14/19 – Vicki Jackson (Harvard Law School), "Pillars of Democracy: Law Representation, and Knowledge"

Thursday, 2/21/19– Jesus R. Velasco (Columbia University), "Dead Voice: Law, Philosophy, and Fiction in the Iberian Middle Ages"

Thursday, 2/28/19 – Elizabeth Emens Book Celebration, With commentators Susan Sturm and Tim Wu, "Life Admin"

Thursday, 3/7/19 – Susan Sturm, "Lawyer Leadership: Embracing the Paradoxes"

Thursday, 3/14/19 – Kristen Underhill

Thursday, 3/28/19 – Jessica Bulman-Pozen

Thursday, 4/4/19 – Maeve Glass

Thursday, 4/11/19 – Eric Talley

Thursday, 4/18/19 – Colleen Chien (Santa Clara Law)

Thursday, 4/25/19 – Lance Liebman Farewell Celebration

Thursday, 5/2/19  – TBD  

Thursday, 5/9/19 – Alex Raskolnikov

Thursday, 5/16/19 – TBD


Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, 2/12/19 – Sarah Seo (Iowa Law)

Tuesday, 2/19/19 – Library Presentation

Tuesday, 2/26/19 – Kellen Funk

Tuesday, 3/5/19 – Merrit Fox Book Celebration

Tuesday, 3/12/19 – Joshua Mitts

Tuesday, 3/26/19 – Vincent Blasi

Tuesday, 4/2/19 – Benjamin Liebman

Tuesday, 4/9/19 –  Daniel Richman and Sarah Seo

Tuesday, 4/16/19 – George Bermann

Tuesday, 4/23/19 – John Pfaff (Fordham Law School)

Tuesday, 4/30/19 – Seyla Benhabib (Yale Law School)

Tuesday, 5/7/19 – TBD

Tuesday, 5/14/19 – TBD

Thursday Workshops

Thursday, 9/6/18 – Kathryn Judge, "Guarantor of Last Resort"

Thursday, 9/13/18 – Philip Hamburger, "Purchasing Submissions" (please contact Zoe Attridge for a copy of the paper)

Thursday, 9/20/18 – Thomas Merrill, "Legitimate Adjudication"

Thursday, 9/27/18 – Ed Morrison, "Race and Bankruptcy"

Thursday, 10/2/18 – Carol Sanger, "Narratives of Fetal Life and Death: Legislating in Implausible Times"

Thursday, 10/11/18 – Jody Kraus & Robert Scott, "The Joint Maximization Theory of American Contract Law"

Thursday, 10/18/18 – Jane Ginsburg, "Authors and Machines"

Thursday, 10/25/18 – Jeffrey Gordon, "Is Corporate Governance a First Order Cause of the Current Malaise?"

Thursday, 11/1/18 – Julian Nyarko, David Pozen, and Eric Talley, "What We Talk About When We Talk About the Constitution" (please contact Zoe Attridge for a copy of the paper)

Thursday, 11/8/18 – Anu Bradford, "The Brussels Effect: How the EU Shapes the World Through Rules and Regulations"

Thursday, 11/15/18 – Peter Strauss, "Separation of Powers in Comparative Perspectives: The Hazard of Maintaining Democracy"

Thursday, 11/29/18 – Zohar Goshen & Assaf Hamdani, "Corporate Control and the Limits of Judicial Review"

Thursday, 12/6/18 – Kent Greenawalt, "Ranges of Nonredundancy of Free Exercise"


Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, 9/4/18 – Alex Raskolnikov, "Distributional Ignorance"

Tuesday, 9/11/18 – Nico Krisch, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, "Entangled Legalities"

Tuesday, 9/18/18 – Crystal Yang, Harvard Law School, "Fear and the Safety Net: Evidence From Secure Communities"

Tuesday, 9/25/18 – Bruce Western, Columbia University Dept. of Sociology, "Criminal Justice as Social Justice" From Homeward

Tuesday, 10/2/18 – Kendall Thomas, "Marrying the State: A Note on Wedlocked"

Tuesday, 10/9/18 – Joseph Landau, Fordham Law School, "Process Scrutiny: Motivational Inquiry and Constitutional Rights"

Tuesday, 10/16/18 – Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, University of Amsterdam, "The Theory of Business Organizations"

Tuesday, 10/23/18 – Olatunde Johnson, "Just Cities? Gentrification, Integration, and the Fair Housing Act" 

Tuesday, 11/6/18 – Tim Wu

Tuesday, 11/6/18 - Clarisa Long, "The Rise and Rise of Trade Secret Law"

Tuesday, 11/20/18 – Karen Tani, University of California, Berkeley Law School, "Training the Citizen-Enforcers of Disability Rights, 1978–1982"

Entry-Level Job Talk Dates (Full Time Faculty Only)

Tuesday, 10/30/18 - Emma Kaufman, Entry-level Candidate

Tuesday, 12/4/18 - James Macleod, Entry-level Candidate

Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, January 23
Faculty Lunch & Discussion 

Tuesday, January 30
Clinical Job Talk 

Tuesday, February 6
Clinical Job Talk 

Tuesday, Februrary 13
Issa Kohler-Hausmann

Tuesday, Februrary 20
Robert Martin Witt, Presentation on the breadth of databases 

Tuesday, Februrary 27 
Susan Sturm 
Workshop on Lawyer-Leadership

Tuesday, March 6
Tim Wu and Eric Talley 
What's Blockchain Good For?

Tuesday, March 13
Spring Recess 

Tuesday March 20
Informal discussion 

Tuesday, March 27 
Melissa Murray, Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law, Berkeley Law School
Consequential Sex

Tuesday, April 3
Moot Court Lunch 

Tuesday, April 10 
Retirement gathering, Victor Goldberg

Tuesday April 17
Madhav Khosla, Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows

Tuesday, April 24
Suzanne Goldberg
Low-Grade Discrimination

Tuesday, May 1
Thomas Lee
Justifying War

Tuesday, May 8 
Discussion of workshop program 


Thursday, January 25
Entry-level talk, Rebecca Wexler

Thursday, Februrary 1
Clare Huntington, Associate Dean for Research; Joseph M. McLaughlin Professor of Law, Fordham University 
The Empirical Turn in Family Law

Thursday, February 8 
Richard Briffault
The Challenge of the New Preemption

Thursday, February 15
Clinical Appointments Vote

Thursday, Februrary 22
Charles Sabel
The Adaptive Contract: Collaboration and Innovation in an Uncertain World

Thursday, March 1
Menaka Guruswamy 
Chapter 2 from "Choosing Between Destinies: Designing Constitutional Instiutions in South Asia"

Thursday, March 8
Law & Economics Workshop 
Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, Professor of Law, NYU
Learning in Standard Form Contracts: Theory and Evidence 

Thursday, March 15
Spring Recess 

Thursday, March 22
Henry Monaghan
Looking Back: The Dialogue at Sixty-Five

Thursday, March 29
Informal lunch and discussion 

Thursday, April 5
Horst Eidenmuller, Freshfields Professor of Commercial Law, University of Oxford
Down by Algorithms? Siphoning Rents, Exploiting Biases and Shaping Preferences - The Dark Side of Personalized Transactions

Thursday, April 12
Randy J. Kozel, Associate Dean for Faculty Development; Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
Statutory Interpretation, Administrative Deference, and the Law of Stare Decisis

Thursday, April 19 
Jamal Greene
Rights as Trumps

Thursday, April 26
Retirement gathering, Richard Stone

Thursday, May 3
Retirement gathering, Carol Liebman

Thursday, May 10 
Legal History Workshop
Hendrik Hartog, Class of 1921 Bicentennial Professor in the History of American Law and Liberty; Professor of History, Princeton University
Commerce and Constitution: An Episodic History of Ten Years Along the Hudson Or, Gibbons Without the Commerce Clause (a sketch of a prospectus)

Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, September 5
Welcome and Introductions

Tuesday, September 12
No workshop (Thursday/Friday schedule) 

Tuesday, September 19
Alex Raskolnikov
Harmful, Harmless, and Beneficial Uncertainty in Law 

Tuesday, September 26
Tom Merrill
The Economics and Law of Leasing

Tuesday, October 3
Legal Theory Workshop
Adam M. Samaha
Professor of Law, NYU School of Law 
If the Text is Clear - Lexical Ordering in Statutory Interpretation 

Tuesday, October 10
No workshop (Thursday/Friday schedule) 

Tuesday, October 17
Ron Gilson
How Investors Can (and Can't) Create Social Value

Tuesday, October 24
No workshop (Thursday/Friday schedule) 

Tuesday, October 31
Eric Talley
Patently Risky: Framing, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Preferences

Tuesday, November 7
No workshop 

Tuesday, November 14
Legal Theory Workshop
Samuel Moyn, Professor of Law and History, Yale University 
FDR's Second Bill

Tuesday, November 21
George Fletcher
Chapter One from Basic Concepts of the International Legal Order (vol. 3 of the Grammar of Criminal Law, to be published by OUP in 2018.)

Tuesday, November 28
Entry-Level Job Talk

Tuesday, December 5
Jane Ginsburg
People, Primates, other Natural Forces -- or Machines? Who (or What) is the Creator of a Work of Authorship?

Tuesday, December 12
Abbe Gluck
Professor of Law, Yale Law School
Statutory Interpretation on the Bench: A Survey of Forty-Two Judges of the Federal Court of Appeals

Thursday Workshops

Thursday, September 7
Tejas Narechania
Assistant Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Certiorari, Universality, and a Patent Puzzle

Thursday, September 14
Caleb Nelson
Emerson G. Spies Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law
James S. Carpentier Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School 
The Accidental Breadth of Remedial Rights in Administrative Law

Thursday, September 21
Faculty discussion 

Thursday, September 28
Law & Economics Workshop
Andrew Verstein
Associate Professor of Law, Wake Forest University College of Law
Visiting Associate Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School  
Insider Tainting: Strategic Tipping of Material Non-Public Information
Thursday, October 5
Catherine Sharkey
Crystal Eastman Professor of Law, NYU School of Law 
Cutting In on the Chevron Two-Step  

Thursday, October 12
Sara Sternberg Greene
Associate Professor of Law, Duke Law
The Bootstrap Trap

Thursday, October 19
Legal History Workshop
Suresh Naidu
Assistant Professor in Economics and International and Public Affairs, Columbia SIPA
Ideas Have Consequences: The Impact of Law and Economics on American Justice 

Thursday, October 26
Niva Elkin-Koren
Founding Director, Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT) 
Justin D'Atri Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School
Fair Use by Design 

Thursday, November 2
Zohar Goshen
Adjudicatory Costs and the Changing Role of Delaware Courts 

Thursday, November 9
Justin McCrary
Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law 
Samuel Rubin Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School 
How Rigged Are Stock Markets? Evidence from Microsecond Timestamps

Thursday, November 16
Entry-Level Job Talk 

Thursday, November 23

Thursday, November 30 
Joshua Mitts
Ceremony and Breach

Thursday, December 7
Entry-Level Job Talk 

Thursday, December 14
Entry-Level Job Talk 


Friday, September 8 
No workshop

Friday, September 15
Liz Emens
Discussing a portion of the manuscript from her book entitled Admin

Friday, September 22 
No workshop 

Friday, September 29 
No workshop 

Friday, October 6
No workshop

Friday, October 13
David Pozen
Transparency's Ideological Drift 
Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School and
Jane Mansbridge, Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Harvard Kennedy School will serve as discussants 

Friday, October 20 
No workshop

Friday, October 27
Tim Wu
The Curse of Bigness Revisited
A Neo-Brandesian Antitrust

Friday, November 3
No workshop

Friday, November 10 
No workshop

Friday, November 17
No workshop

Friday, Novemer 24

Friday, December 1
No workshop

Friday, December 8 
No workshop

Friday, December 15
​Victor Goldberg
Direct and Consequential Damages


Tuesday, January 17
Dave Pozen: "The Nonprofit Constitution"

Tuesday, January 24
Peter Strauss: "Laster-Strauss Project on the end of law schools"

Tuesday, January 31
Held jointly with the Legal Theory Workshop
L.A. Paul of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Preference Capture: empathy and fear of epistemic corruption"

Tuesday, February 7
Book Celebration - Tim Wu: "The Attention Merchants."  Our former colleague Scott Hemphill and Dean Steve Coll of CU Journalism School will offer comments. 

Tuesday, February 14
Bert Huang: Book Review - "Law and Moral Dilemmas",  The Trolley Problem Mysteries. By F.M. Kamm. New York, N.Y.  Oxford University Press, 2015.

Tuesday, February 21
Sarah Knuckey: "Human Rights Clinic Projects in the Central African Republic: Pedagogy and Advocacy Chanllenges" (in hard copy only)

Tuesday, February 28
Eric Talley: "The Merger Price Appraisal Rule"

Tuesday, March 7
Robert Jackson, Jr.: "Activist Directors and Information Leakage" 

Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday, March 21
Held jointly with the Legal Theory Workshop
Aditya Bamzai of University of Virginia School of Law
"The ‘Administrative Process’ in the 1940s Court: A Study in Intellectual and Jurisprudential History"

Tuesday, March 28
Susan Sturm: "Leading with Conviction: The Transformative Role of Formerly Incarcerated Leaders in Reducing Mass Incarceration" with Haran Tae (in hard copy only)

Tuesday, April 4
Michael Graetz: "The Known Unknowns of the Business Tax Reforms Proposed in the House Republican Blueprint

Tuesday, April 11
Vince Blasi: "Rights Skepticism and Mojority Rule at the Birth of the Modern First Amendment"

Tuesday, April 18
Collegial lunch, no talk.

Tuesday, April 25
Kristen Underhill: "Nondiscrimination Rules in Health Care: The Expressive Functions of Legal Protections"


Thursday, January 19
Ben Liebman: "Ordinary Tort Litigation in China: Law Versus Practical Justice?"

Thursday, January 26
Chuck Sabel: "Trade Agreements, Regulatory Sovereignty and Democratic Legitimacy

Thursday, February 2
Rick Brooks: "Loyalty and What Law Demands Conduct & Decision Rules in Fiduciary Law's Sole Interest and Best Interest Rules"

Thursday, February 9
Jeremy Kessler: 
(Cancelled due to Snow Storm, rescheduled to be on 4/27)

Thursday, February 16
Sam Issacharoff: "Outsourcing Politics: The Hostile Takeovers of Our Hollowed Out Political Parties"

Thursday, February 23
Ron Gilson: "Contract and Innovation" with Charles Sabel and Robert Scott

Thursday, March 2
Cristina Rodriguez (Yale Law School): "The President and Immigration Law" with Adam Cox

Thursday, March 9
Crystal Yang (Harvard Law School): "Designing an Optimal Bail System"

Thursday, March 16

Thursday, March 23
Anu Bradford: "Are Antitrust Laws and Trade Liberalization Substitutes or Complements?" with Adam Chilton

Thursday, March 30
Kate Judge: "Regulation and Investor-Driven Financial Innovation

Thursday, April 6
Florencia Marotta-Wurgler: "Understanding Privacy Policies: Content, Self-Regulation, and Markets"

Thursday, April 13
Justice Breyer book talk: "The Court and the World"
(in JG 104/106)

Thursday, April 20
George Bermann: "The "EU Law Defense" in Investor-State Arbitration"

Thursday, April 27
Jeremy Kessler: "Fortress of Liberty: The Rise and Fall of the Draft and the Remaking of American Law"


Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, September 6
Welcome and Introductions

Tuesday, September 13
Michael Heller: "Mine! The Hidden World of Ownership" with James Salzman

Tuesday, September 20
Avery Katz: "Internal versus External Contract Remedies" with Lisa Bernstein

Tuesday, September 27
Book celebration – Michael Graetz & Linda Greenhouse, The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right   Eric Foner (Columbia History Department) & Vince Blasi, Commenters

Tuesday, October 4
Liz Emens: "Conversion Discrimination"

Tuesday, October 11
Faculty discussion: Effective practices for large-classroom teaching (Emens, Heller, Katz, Sturm)

Tuesday, October 18
Jameel Jaffer: "Knight First Amendment Institute and Its Work"
Director, Knight First Amendment Institute

Tuesday, October 25
Jeff Fagan: "New Policing, New Segregation" with Elliott Ash

Tuesday, November 1
Michael Graetz: A Book Proposal on "The Politics of Inequality" (with Ian Shapiro)

Tuesday, November 8
Tim Wu: "Procompetitive Regulation: Competition Catalysts"

Tuesday, November 15
Tom Merrill: "The Making of the Chicago Lakefront" (with Joseph D. Kearney)
(Thursday-style workshop)

Tuesday, November 22
Legal Theory Workshop
Jon Elster: "The Political Psychology of Constitution-Making"

Tuesday, November 29
Suzanne Goldberg: "Tolerating discrimination:  American antidiscrimination law at a crossroads"

Tuesday, December 6
Jessica Bulman-Pozen: "Our Regionalism"

Thursday Workshops

Thursday, September 8
David Pozen: "Freedom of Information Beyond the Freedom of Information Act"

Thursday, September 15
Bob Scott: "The Costs of Contractual Black Holes" (with Stephen J. Choi and Mitu Gulati)

Thursday, September 22
Robert Ferguson: "Afraid of Time: The United States Against Itself", Introduction: "Locked in the Moment"

Thursday, September 29
Jane Ginsburg: "Courts have twisted themselves into knots": US Copyright Protection for Applied Art

Thursday, October 6
Gillian Metzger: "Internal Administrative Law" (with Kevin M. Stack)

Thursday, October 13
Eric Posner (U. Chicago): "Property Is Another Name for Monopoly" - Facilitating Efficient Bargaining with Partial Common Ownership of Spectrum, Corporations, and Land (with E. Glen Weyl)

Thursday, October 20
Merritt Fox: "Stock Market Manipulation and Its Regulation" (with Lawrence L. Glosten & Gabriel V. Rauterberg)

Thursday, October 27
Eric Talley: "Contracting Out of the Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Opportunity Waivers" (with Gabriel Rauterberg)

Thursday, November 3
Jed Purdy (Duke): "Environmental Law and the Long Environmental Justice Movement"

Thursday, November 10
Matt Waxman: "The Power to Wage War Successfully"

Thursday, November 17
Faculty Discussion of Election

Thursday, November 24

Thursday, December 1
Sean Farhang (U.C. Berkeley): "Legislating for Litigation in the Age of Statute"

Thursday, December 8
Celebratory end-of-the-semester lunch

Tuesday Workshops

Tuesday, January 19
Bernard Harcourt: Exposed: Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age

Tuesday, January 26
Student Life Task Force

Tuesday, February 2 (Legal Theory Workshop)
Anthony Kronman of Yale Law School: The Disenchantment of the World: Max Weber and the Problem of Nihilism (chapter 26 of his forthcoming book, “Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan”)

Tuesday, February 9
Jeremy Kessler & David Pozen: Working Themselves Impure: A Life-Cycle Theory of Legal Theories

Tuesday, February 16
Elora Mukherjee: “Ending the Detention of Refugee Families and the Role of Law School Clinics”

Tuesday,  February 23
Claus Kress: “Introduction: The Crime of Aggression and the International Legal Order”

Tuesday, March 1
Julie Suk: “An Equal Rights Amendment for the Twenty-First Century? Bridging Global and State Constitutionalism”

Tuesday, March 8
Dan Richman: “Accounting for Prosecutors”

Tuesday, March 22
Solangel Maldonado: Racial Hierarchy and Desire: Law's Influence on Interracial Intimacies

Tuesday, March 29
Dylan Penningroth (Berkeley Law): The Negro's Lawyer: A History

Tuesday, April 5
John Witt (Legal Theory Workshop): The American Fund: A Story of Money and Politics in America

Tuesday, April 12
Matt Waxman: “Our Fighting Constitution: War Powers and American Grand Strategy from the Revolution to Cyberwar”

Tuesday, April 19
Amanda Tyler (Courts & Legal Process Workshop): Habeas Corpus Goes to War: Tracing the Story of the United States Constitution's Habeas Privilege from the Tower of London to Guantanamo Bay

Tuesday, April 26
Dan Simon: “The Adversarial Mindset”

Thursday Workshops

Thursday, January 21
Anu Bradford & Rob Jackson: “Determinants of Antitrust Enforcement in the European Union: An Empirical Analysis”

Thursday, January 28
Tom Ginsburg: Judicial Reputation: A Comparative Theory

Thursday, February 4
Introduction of Visitors

Thursday, February 11
Katharina Pistor: The Legal Code of Capital

Thursday, February 18
Jack Coffee: Entrepreneurial Litigation: Its Rise, Fall, and Future

Thursday, February 25
Dan Simon: “Ghostwritten Testimony”

Thursday, March 3
Jennifer Laurin: “Heien and Paradigms of Reasonableness in Fourth Amendment Law”

Thursday, March 10
Ian Shapiro: “Against Impartiality”

Thursday, March 24
Susan Sturm & Robin Ely: “Full Participation in the Yale Law Journal

Thursday, March 31
Mila Versteeg: Just Words? The Effectiveness of Constitutional Rights

Thursday, April 7
Jamal Greene: “Rule Originalism”

Thursday, April 14
Bob Scott: “The Common Law of Contract and the Default Rule Project”

Thursday, April 21
Rob Jackson: “The Effects of Usury Laws on Higher-Risk Borrowers”

Thursday, April 28
Vince Blasi: The Classic Arguments for Free Speech: Milton, Madison, and Mill