Colloquium on Courts and the Legal Process

This workshop series brings together judges, scholars, and students to discuss current research on courts and judging.  For more information, please contact Professor Bert I. Huang.  

May 1

  • J.J. Prescott (Michigan), Judicial Bias
  • Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (D.D.C.)

April 10

  • Anna Lvovsky (Harvard), Vice Enforcement
  • Judge Paul Oetken (SDNY)

April 1

  • Jamal Greene (Columbia) & Yvonne Tew (Georgetown), Comparative Constitutional History
  • Benjamin Liebman (Columbia) & Christina Ponsa-Kraus (Columbia)

April 12, 2018

  • Randy Kozel (Notre Dame) (joint with faculty workshop), Statutory Interpretation

March 28, 2018

  • Marin Levy (Duke), Visiting Judges
  • Judge Gary Feinerman (N.D.Ill.)

February 27, 2017

  • William Hubbard (Chicago), Supreme Court of India
  • Madhav Khosla (Columbia)

April 19

  • Amanda Tyler (Berkeley), Habeas During Wartime
  • Judge Denny Chin (2nd Circuit)

April 7

  • Jamal Greene (Columbia) (joint with faculty workshop), Rule Originalism

March 22

  • Nora Freeman Engstrom (Stanford), Retaliatory RICO
  • Judge Richard Sullivan (SDNY)

April 28

  • Judge Nancy Gertner (Harvard), Judging in the 21st Century

April 16

  • Rachel Barkow (NYU), Executive Clemency
  • Judge Paul Watford (9th Circuit)

March 25

  • Maria Glover (Georgetown), Disappearing Claims
  • Justice Goodwin Liu (Supreme Court of California)

October 17

  • Judge Richard Posner (Seventh Circuit), Complexity
  • Erin Murphy (NYU)
  • Judge Jed Rakoff (SDNY)  

April 23

  • Judge Diane Wood (7th Circuit), Decisionmaking on a Multi-member Court
  • Linda Greenhouse (Yale)

April 12

  • Jeremy Waldron (NYU), Stare Decisis and the Rule of Law
  • Judge Pierre Leval (2nd Circuit)

March 19

  • Thomas Lee (Fordham) (joint with Legal Theory), The Civil Law Tradition
  • Judge David Hamilton (7th Circuit)

March 1

  • Mathilde Cohen (Columbia), Comparing Reason-Giving
  • Lord Lawrence Collins (Supreme Court of the U.K.)
  • Justice Kate O’Regan (Constitutional Court of South Africa)

February 16

  • Judith Resnik (Yale) (presented by NALSA), Federal Indian Law and the Canon
  • Trevor Morrison (Columbia)
  • Justice Barbara Smith (Chickasaw Nation)
  • Judge Michael Smith (Sac and Fox Nation)

January 30

  • Richard Epstein (NYU) (joint with Legal Theory), Natural Law and Judicial Duty
  • Judge Diane Sykes (7th Circuit)

December 1

  • Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt), Erie
  • Judge Jeffrey Sutton (6th Circuit)

April 14: On Judicial Recusal

  • Lord Lawrence Collins (Supreme Court of the U.K.)
  • Amanda Frost (American)
  • Pam Karlan (Stanford)

March 24

  • Nancy King (Vanderbilt), Habeas for the Twenty-First Century 
  • Judge Reena Raggi (2nd Circuit)

March 23

  • Judge Richard Posner (Seventh Circuit) (joint with L&E), A Realistic Theory of Judicial Behavior

March 3

  • Lisa Bressman (Vanderbilt) (joint with Legislation)

February 25

  • Judge Douglas Ginsburg (D.C. Circuit) (joint with L&E), Behavioral Law and Economics

December 9

  • Jed Shugerman (Harvard), Judicial Elections
  • Judge José A. Cabranes (2nd Circuit)

November 15

  • Nancy Staudt (Northwestern) (joint with L&E), Judicial Power of the Purse

November 12

  • Chief Justice Cezar Peluso of Brazil (presented by the Center for Brazilian Studies & CLABLA)


April 14

  • Heather Gerken (Yale), Federalism All the Way Down
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh (D.C. Circuit)

April 8: On Libel Tourism

  • Lord Lawrence Collins (Supreme Court of the U.K.)
  • Judge Robert Sack (2nd Circuit)
  • Kurt Wimmer (Covington)

March 22

  • Erin Delaney (Columbia) & Barry Friedman (NYU), Becoming Supreme
  • Judge Robert Katzmann (2nd Circuit)

February 25

  • Stephen Choi (NYU) & Mitu Gulati (Duke), What Do District Judges Want?
  • Judge Denise Cote (SDNY)

February 11

  • Fred Schauer (U. Virginia), The Trouble with Cases
  • Judge Pierre Leval (2nd Circuit)