Twin Conferences in Tribute to The Philosophy of Joseph Raz

Sep 2023

Twin Conferences in Tribute to The Philosophy of Joseph Raz

Columbia Law School, New York, September 22-24, 2023
YTL Center, King's College, London, October 27-29, 2023

Professor Joseph Raz, to many of us a lifelong mentor, colleague and dear friend, passed away on May 2nd, 2022. In recognition of Raz's enormous influence in philosophy and legal theory, organizers of the twin conferences in tribute to his work invite you to attend one or both of the conferences and to participate in the discussions. The papers will be made available for download a month in advance of each conference, and participants will be assumed to have read the papers in advance. The sessions will be devoted to open discussion. Participation is open to all, limited only by constraints of space and safety. Since the YTL Center at KCL is located in Somerset House, security regulations require pre-registration for the conference. Link to enrollment will be made available here closer to the time. No pre-registration is required for the conference at Columbia Law School.

Participants (including presenters) will need to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. A very modest and limited amount of funding will be available to assist those who cannot cover the full costs from their research/travel budgets. Application contact will be posted here later.

Conference program and other practical details will be posted closer to the time.

The papers that were selected to be discussed:

Columbia Law School:

  • Emad Atiq (The rule of Law)
  • Brian Bix (Law's claim to moral authority)
  • Ulrike Heuer (The point of exclusionary reasons)
  • Claire Kirwin (The guise of the good)
  • Elinor Mason (Being in the world and responsibility)
  • Thomas Scanlon (Reasons and values)
  • Ashwini Vasanthakumar (Duties of self-respect)
  • Ralph Wedgwood (Reasons, values, and uncertainty)
  • Daniel Weinstock (Multiculturalism)


King’s College London

  • Jason Bridges (Rational agency)
  • Thomas Christiano (Conventionalism and contract)
  • Alexander Greenberg (Responsibility for Negligence)
  • Michael Moore (Exclusionary reasons)
  • David Owens (Authority)
  • Debbie Roberts (Particularism)
  • Filippa Ronquist (Promises)
  • Collis Tahzib (The Harm Principle)
  • Steve Wall (Autonomy)


Columbia Law School NYC Steering Committee:

  • Ashraf Ahmed (Columbia)
  • Kimberley Brownlee (Univ. of British Columbia)
  • Mala Chatterjee (Columbia)
  • David Enoch (Hebrew Univ.) 
  • Andrei Marmor (Cornell)
  • Daniel Viehoff (NYU)
  • Jeremy Waldron (NYU)

King's College London Steering Committee

  • Maria Alvarez (KCL)
  • John Hyman (UCL)
  • Timothy Macklem (Queen Mary)
  • Andrei Marmor (Cornell)
  • Massimo Renzo (KCL)

Event Contact

Elizabeth Williams

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