Skills & Strategies: Studying & Outlining (with Louis Schulze)

Oct 2021

Most students don’t study as effectively as they could. The problem is that traditional techniques are so ingrained that better methods are rejected because they feel counterintuitive. But the science of learning increasingly suggests certain changes can make a great difference, especially in the study of law. To gain a better understanding of how learning really works, join us for a special Skills & Strategies session this Friday, October 22nd. The session will be led by a guest professor of law - Louis Schulze - and will cover important skills like synthesizing law into “cognitive schema” and using materials to aid metacognition. Among other things, Professor Schulze will help show you how this translates into outlining. So see how to leverage cutting-edge concepts from cognitive science to optimize law school performance! It will likely challenge how you think you learn best!

Please check your email for the registration link.

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