Parker Certificate of Achievement Application Deadline

Mar 2021

The Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law supports scholarship and teaching about international and comparative law at Columbia Law School and is led by Professor Benjamin Liebman.

We recognize those JD and LLM students who have demonstrated an interest in international and comparative law with the Certificate of Achievement. This certificate is awarded to graduating JD and LLM students.
To receive the Parker School Certificate of Achievement, you must:

  • be receiving the JD or LLM degree this April,
  • have completed, or complete this semester, ten (10) academic credits in the area of international and comparative law

Please Note: We will invite LLMs graduating in October to apply for the certificate later in the year. 

There is not a fixed list of qualifying courses. Instead, the eligibility of relevant coursework is made on a case-by-case basis. Please also note that, for the purposes of the Certificate, "comparative" means a comparison of US and foreign law, not comparative methodology.
Beyond coursework, the following also count toward the credit requirement for the Parker School certificate:

  • serving on the board of an international law journal
  • enrollment in any of the law school's study abroad programs

Please submit your application no later than Monday, March 1.

 Apply for the Parker Certificate of Achievement

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