First Day of June Online Entrepreneurship Executive Education Course

Jun 2022

Columbia Law School’s Executive Education offerings include a non-credit, online certificate program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. A Legal Toolkit for Starting and Scaling Your Business is a four-week course held several times throughout the year. The course outlines a clear path for business owners, influencers, content creators, and others to safeguard their enterprises and navigate the legal pitfalls they may encounter when starting and/or scaling their businesses.

The course is taught by Lynnise E. Pantin, Pritzker Pucker Family Clinical Professor of Transactional Law and Director of the Law School's Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic. The course is a combination of self-study materials, weekly live online Q&A sessions, downloadable resources, and opportunities for self-assessment. 

For more information, visit the course webpage.

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