Connecting the Dots: Globalization, Intermediation, and Efficiency

Oct 2022

This event will be livestreamed via Zoom. You will receive a link prior to the event.

Co-hosted by 

Kathryn Judge, Harvey J. Goldschmid Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Intellectual Life
Columbia Law School

Rana Foroohar, Global Business Columnist and Associate Editor
Financial Times

Opening remarks delivered virtually by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

For the last half century, neoliberal globalization has been the dominant economic order. But as everything from the 2008 financial crisis, to the fallout from the global pandemic and the tragic war in Ukraine have shown us, the world is not flat. The global economy has become unmoored from the people and places that constitute the system in ways that endanger liberal democracy.

The good news? A scrim has been lifted on the failures of economic models and conventional wisdom about how best to achieve long term growth for all. Our neoliberal economic philosophy of prioritizing efficiency over resilience and profits over local prosperity has produced massive inequality, persistent economic insecurity, and distrust in our institutions. This philosophy, which underpinned the last half century of globalization, has run its course.

How did we get here? And what comes next? These are the questions we will explore in a one day gathering of scholars, journalists, public officials and business leaders. “Connecting the Dots: Rethinking Globalization, Intermediation and Efficiency” will examine the latest research and most innovative ideas about how to move from a society of consumers to one of citizens, how to rebalance the needs of labor and capital, and how to best ensure prosperity at both the local, and the global level.


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