L6793 Ex. Immigrant Youth Advocacy - Fieldwork

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Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites

Instructor Co-requisites

Recommended Courses

Other Limitations
Admission by application through the Externship Application process - see Social Justice Initiatives page for more information.

Learning Outcome Goals

Primary Goals

  • • By servicing the unique needs of immigrant youth through direct representation, build listening and interviewing skills, develop rapport with clients, and assess collateral needs
  • • Build litigation skills through oral advocacy in state and federal courts and legal writing for those forums
  • • Consider and reconcile tensions between the state common law, the federal regulatory scheme, and international human rights law

General Information

Type: Externship
Level: Upperclass
Additional Attributes: Experiential Credit

Other Sections

Section 001, Spring 2020
T 6:20 pm-8:10 pm
Cristina Romero
Amy Pont