L6473 Labor Law

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Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites

Instructor Co-requisites

Recommended Courses

Other Limitations

Learning Outcome Goals

Primary Goals

  • Learning the basic rules and principles of federal regulation of collective action by workers and managers
  • Gaining knowledge of the various justifications for and against workers' collective action
  • Further developing craft skill in interpreting constitutional and statutory texts and judicial precedents and in applying texts and precedents to new factual contexts and new legal claims
  • Increased understanding of social actors' capacity to circumvent legal institutions and rules

Secondary Goals

  • Increased understanding of the relation between social movements and law.

General Information

Type: Lecture
Level: Upperclass
Areas of Study: Labor and Employment Law

Other Sections

Section 001, Spring 2020
MTW 1:20-2:40 pm
Mark Barenberg