L9231 Advanced Incarceration and the Family Clinic

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Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites
Incarceration and the Family Clinic (L9203)

Instructor Co-requisites

Recommended Courses

Other Limitations

Learning Outcome Goals

Primary Goals

  • Mastery of relevant substantive criminal and family law
  • Development of interviewing and counseling skills
  • Improvement of research and writing skills
  • Development of ability to craft theory of case
  • Development of litigation skills, especially ability to communicate client's goals effectively to administrative or judicial tribunal
  • Exposure to realities of criminal justice and child welfare systems, prison life, and experiences of families and communities affected by incarceration
  • Reflections about differences between students' cultural and economic backgrounds and those of their clients and the extent to which these differences affect the ability to form effective attorney-client relationships

General Information