Sexual Respect Resources

Columbia Law School trains young legal professionals to practice respect in their communities.

What is the Sexual Respect Initiative?
The Sexual Respect Initiative (SRI) is a university-wide initiative that affirms our community support to the commitment of communicating and acting with integrity and respect for others. The initiative sponsors lectures, film screenings, open forum discussions, workshops, and other illuminating opportunities during the year. 

Who participates?
All students are encouraged to participate in events, dialogs, and programs held throughout the year. First-year law students (J.D.s, LL.M.s, transfer students, and visiting students) are required to participate in at least one initiative event or program during their first academic cycle at Columbia Law School. Details regarding this requirement and how to complete it are emailed to students in late September. 

When does the initiative take place?
The initiative begins September 24, 2019, and runs through October 27, 2019. We anticipate this to be no more than 20 hours throughout September and October.

Contact Cecilia Plaza if you are interested in participating.

How can you get involved beyond the first-year requirement? 

  • Sponsor an event for your student organizations/journal.
    Request a group-specific training/workshop/discussion. Groups can email Sexual Violence Response directly or work with Cecilia Plaza (SRI Peer Facilitator Coordinator) or Jeffrey Bagares (Student Services) to select a workshop from either the Peer Facilitators, University Life, or the Sexual Violence Response Team. You can also vote to join the Law School Student Organization Sexual Respect Pledge.

How do I report something? 

Learn more about the university-wide SRI initiative

Learn more about University Life

If you are passionate about creating a community of respect, you can volunteer to be a SRI Peer Facilitator. This student-led team of law students across all degree programs and class years provides law school-specific workshops on topics such as consent, workplace conduct, and bystander intervention. 

Peer facilitators are trained in group discussion and facilitation techniques. They facilitate more than 10 workshops to begin conversations with over 900 students annually. 

Interested in being a peer facilitator? Contact [email protected].

Choose a workshop—designed and facilitated by your law school peers—to satisfy your 2019–2020 Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative (SRI) requirement. 

If you are a new Columbia student, you must complete your SRI requirement by October 27, 2019. (New students include first-year J.D., LL.M., J.S.D., transfer, and visiting students.) If you participated in any SRI programming offered at the law school or university last year, you are not required to participate again, though we welcome and encourage your continued participation. 

Reserve your seat (and lunch!) by choosing from the following workshops:

Contact Cecilia Plaza or Jeffrey Bagares with questions.

If you are unable to attend any of the following student-led SRI sessions, you also can satisfy your mandatory requirement by pursuing an independent project, reviewing resources, engaging with videos, or completing an online tutorial.