If you do not have access to edit LawCal, please send a request for user access to [email protected].

How to Add Calendar Entries

How to Add Calendar Entries


The Columbia Law School calendar, commonly known as LawCal, consists of a list of events hosted or sponsored by various entities within the Law School community. If you do not have access to edit LawCal, please send a request for access to [email protected].

Adding an event

Once logged in to web.law.columbia.edu, go to Add content on the top left of the page. In the Add content list, click on Calendar.

Title and Event Promotion Description

When you create a new event, you will need to add a title and a promotion description. The Title, which is a required field, is the name of your event that will be featured on the listing of daily, weekly, and monthly events.

The Event Promotion Description is a short sentence (no more than 300 characters) that describes the event within the listing of daily, weekly, and monthly events.

Event Image

In the Event Image field, you have the option to add an image to go along with your event in the body of the event. You click on Choose File, select an image you have stored on your computer, and then click on the Upload button. Your photos must be in either .jpg or .png format and at least 700px wide to prevent shrinking the photo.

Event Description

The Event Description field is the body of your event where you can describe the details of your event. The field has many of the same functions you use to fill out the body of a Basic Page.

The Event Description text should be written in manually or copied and pastied using the Paste from Plain Text icon  or the Paste from Word icon.  While this field allows you to style the text, please only use Normal Text. If you use other types of text, it will be against the Law School’s style and your event listing will look bad alongside other events.

Related Links

Add links related to your event by listing a title for the link and adding the URL under the URL section. You can add multiple links.


Add PDFs to your event description, such as flyers and brochures. PDF is the only type of document that can be uploaded to an event. If you have multiple PDFs, you can click on the crosshairs next to the filenames and move them up or down to reorder the links.

Location, Contact Info, and Event RSVP

This section allows you to set the location of your event, add a contact email, and a place to RSVP. The Location Name features a drop-down menu listing all of the spaces within the Law School and related spaces (e.g., Casa Italiana). You can also choose Other and add in a location there if the event is not held at the Law School.

Event Date

Add the event date(s) by clicking on the date field. You will get a calendar where you can select the date. In the Time field, you must input the hour, the minute, and whether it’s an a.m. or p.m. event. Add an End Date by clicking on Show End Date to list the end of the event’s time. You can also check Repeat for reoccurring events. Check off the All Day box if the event runs the entire day.

Publication Settings

The Publication Settings will add your event to LawCal. Check off Publish to LawCal for your event to appear on the calendar. You can also select multiple categories, such as Orientation Events or Student Events. By using categories, users can sort by those categories and find the events they want to see.

To add an event to your existing calendar feed on your particular microsite, check off Publish to a microsite calendar and type in the name of your tag. It will appear and you need to click on it so that it’s included. Put commas next to each tag and add a space to type in another tag.

At the bottom of the page, click on Save.

Completion of creating an event

Editing an existing event

After you create an event, you will see options to Edit, Access control, Clone content, etc. Click on Edit to edit the event. In order for other editors who need to access your events, you need to give them permissions via Access control as you would for a Basic Page. You can also clone events by clicking on Clone content.

LawCal Style Guide

LawCal Style Guide

LawCal entries must follow the general house style for Columbia Law School’s website. Events require additional styles specific to the Law School’s calendar.

Event Titles

Editors should not add event titles in all capital letters or all lowercase letters. The titles must be clear and be a length of approximately 30 characters or five words. Here is an example:

Columbia Law School Blood Drive

A related note: Please make sure that the same event is not entered multiple times by various sponsors, using different titles. If you are co-sponsoring an event, please coordinate posting with the others involved so that we avoid repetition and confusion.

Please do not create an event with a generic title, such as “Save the Date!” or “Come Join Us.” These event titles do not give enough information and could decrease the number of people who look at a calendar item, and ultimately, the number of event attendees.

Event Descriptions

Please copy and paste text into the Event Description box by using the “Paste from Word” or “Paste from Plain Text” icons. in Text” icons. You can follow these instructions to properly copy and paste text: https://web.law.columbia.edu/editors-tools/drupal-training-manual/creati....

Please use Normal Text format. Headers, introductory text, bold, and italics are discouraged so that the descriptions look consistent and clean. Please remember that text should align left. Images and attachments may only be uploaded in the “Event Image” and “Attachment” fields.

Degree Names

Degree names should follow the house style:

J.D. should be separated by periods.

LL.M. should have a period after the first L and after the M.

J.S.D. should be separated by periods.

Event Locations

If an event will be held in a location not listed in the calendar’s drop-down menu, please spell out the name of the building location. If a room number is included, please spell out the word room:

Jerome Greene Hall, Room 649

LawCal Tagging

Include all tags that apply to the event. Every event should have multiple “LawCal Category” and “Microsite Calendar” tags. Please choose from the list in each drop-down menu; to add tags, just click “Add another item.” Tags will help users find your event when searching LawCal, and increase its visibility.


All calendar items should be complete and uploaded into LawCal at least one week prior to the advertised event. This allows the info to be included in the weekly LawCal email, and gives the community enough notice, increasing your chances of holding a well-attended event.