Alert: All classes for the remainder of the semester will be conducted virtually, and faculty and staff are working remotely until further notice. Given widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in New York City, everyone must observe crucial measures to prevent the virus from spreading further.

A consistent visual style and voice can positively influence how people view Columbia Law.  We've created guidelines for colors, logos, photography, and typography to help you maintain our brand identity. Everything you say and do on behalf of the law school is part of that living brand and conveys the Columbia Law School story.





Core Colors

PMS 2945 U
CMYK 93•69•20•5
RGB 36•88•141
HEX 24588d

PMS 7549 U
CMYK 0•32•87•0
RGB 255•184•55
HEX ffb837

PMS 2995 U
CMYK 100•0•0•0
RGB 0•174•239
HEX 00aeef

Secondary Colors

PMS 295 U
CMYK 86•69•34•17
RGB 54•80•114


PMS 290 U
CMYK 33•5•2•0
RGB 165•211•237
HEX a5d3ed

PMS 7579 U
CMYK 4•73•77•0
RGB 232•104•72
HEX e86848

PMS 575 U
CMYK 158•33•76•13
RGB 111•131•86
HEX 6f8356

​ ​


PMS 426 U
CMYK 59•51•50•19
RGB 103•103•103
HEX 676767

PMS 427 U
CMYK 24•17•16•0
RGB 194•198•201
HEX c2c6c9

PMS Warm Gray 6 U
CMYK 39•35•38•1
RGB 161•154•148
HEX a19a94

PMS Cool Gray 9 U
CMYK 49•40•38•4
RGB 137•138•141
HEX 898a8d

​ ​ ​








  • Use real people from our community.
    Only use stock photography when completely necessary, to illustrate a concept.
  • Be natural, casual, and spontaneous.
    Images that are natural will resonate with our audience. Keep nighttime imagery to a minimum.
  • Keep clutter out. If the space you are shooting seems complex, choose to focus on particular details of that space.
  • Pay attention to the details. Keep an eye on what subjects are wearing or holding. Avoid shirts with logos and branded packaging (food or beverage containers).
  • Stay current. Regularly refresh your unit’s photo collection to ensure your images are relevant and up-to-date.


  • Images that are busy, too complicated, out of focus, low resolution, or too dark.
  • Posed or unnatural images and stock photos.
  • Heavy flash.
  • Images that look or feel dated.

Letterhead and Poster

Letterhead and Poster