Summer Recruiting Program

Each year law firms, corporations, and government organizations conduct 20-minute interviews for summer and full-time positions. Students indicate their interview preferences through an online bidding system, and interviews are assigned by lottery.

Students may apply early to up to 5 firms participating in EIP through Symplicity.

For summer and fall positions.

  • Non-EIP/EAP employers - positions will not be shared with students until Friday, May 12, 2023. 
  • EIP/EAP employers with offices not participating in the programs - positions will not be shared with students until Monday, June 5, 2023.

NOTE: Students may not apply directly or interview with EIP/EAP employers/offices, with limited exceptions:

  • Prior relationship (SEO, paralegal, 1L summer associate)
  • Job Fairs (Loyola Patent Interview Program, Bay Area Diversity Job Fair, Lavender Law, etc.)
  • Employer-sponsored fellowship/scholarship programs

Program Details for EIP/EAP are listed below.

Prior to registering, please read Columbia Law School’s Employer Recruitment Policies. You will be prompted to agree to our non-discrimination policies during Registration on Symplicity.

View our detailed registration instructions here.


Early Interview Program (EIP) 2023

Early Application Period (EAP) 2023

Program Date(s)

July 28, 31, August 1, 2


Program Information

Employers recruiting for Summer and Fall 2024 positions.

Lottery Program

Students may apply early to up to 5 firms participating in EIP.

Pre-screened interviews


Hosted virtually on FloRecruit

Scheduled by Employer

Priority Registration Period

Registrations after March 13 will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.

February 17 - March 13

February 17 - March 13

Interview Date Assignment

April 3


Student Bidding Period

June 16 - July 7

June 9 - June 15

Preliminary Interview Schedules Available

July 21

Application Packets Available
June 16

Timing of Offers and Decisions

EIP offers must remain open until at least 21 days from the date of the offer letter for employers with 11+ 2L summer associates; firms with 10 or fewer 2L summer associates in their summer program may keep offers open for at least 14 days.

See full timing/offer guidelines here.

Employers must respond to all students who apply during EAP by Friday, June 30. 

EAP offers must be conveyed to students no later than Monday, July 24 and stay open until August 14.

Students may hold open no more than 2 EAP offers at any time, and no more than 3 offers total at any time.

Students are asked to stay in communication with employers, and provide an update on their candidacy by Wednesday, July 26.

Deposit & Schedule Fees
A full day schedule includes up to 20 interview slots

There is no fee for public sector employers and employers with fewer than 50 attorneys.

Deposit: $250 per schedule

Schedule Fees:
$800 (First schedule per location)
$600 (Each additional schedule per location)
$400 (Half day)

No Additional Fee.