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Programs, Workshops, and Webinars

OJC brings the Courts to Columbia, and Columbia to the Courts. Programs, which include judicial lectures and discussions, play a key role in this effort. OJC also provides workshops for students and alumni to learn about, and prepare, for clerkships.

This year, OJC will deliver all programs and workshops virtually. Many of our workshops are already presented as recorded webinars in our Courseworks page. Please register with OJC to obtain access to our library of recorded panels, programs and webinars.

OJC Programming

Academic Year 2021 - 2022

OJC has planned and continues to plan programming for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. This year, OJC is rolling out programming specifically aimed at educating our students and alumni about State Court clerkships, including career opportunities that facilitate a path to judicial service.

Scheduled community events include:

Fall 2021

  • September 13: Clerkships Diversity Initiative Welcome Reception
  • September 23: OJC Workshop for 2Ls - What to Expect in the Year-Ahead
  • September 24: How to Succeed in Clerkships as a 2L Transfer
  • September 24: Class of 2022 Clerkship Peer Mentor Match Program
  • October 1:  3L Workshop - How to Move Ahead in Your Clerkship Search
  • October 5: Introduction to the Clerkships Peer Mentor Program
  • October 13: A Discussion with Justice Goodwin Liu on Clerkships and Diversity
  • October 27: Summer Judicial Internship Panel
  • November 4: State Court Clerkships 101: Q&A with Alumni Law Clerks
  • November 15: Why Clerkship Diversity Matters - A Discussion with Judge Leo Sorokin of District Court for the District of Massachusetts
  • November 16: OJC and Law Library Workshop re: Researching Judges for Summer Judicial Internships and Clerkships
  • November 17: Clerkships 101 for 1Ls
  • December 1: Practicing Inclusivity, Prioritizing Collegiality: A Discussion Between Chief Judge Algenon Marbley and Judge Douglas Cole of the Southern District of Ohio about Diversity in Practice
  • December 8: (CDI) Why Diverse Law Students Should Consider Clerkships in Unexpected Jurisdictions


Spring 2022

  • January 20: Judicial Lecture on Latinx Civil Rights with Judge Jenny Rivera
  • January 27: Corporate Law & Clerkships: A Conversation with Justice Tamika Montgomery-Reeves
  • February 2: Clerkships 201 for 2Ls & 3Ls
  • February 15: Judicial Lecture with Judge Vanessa Gilmore
  • February 16: Judicial Lecture with Judge Gelpí of the First Circuit


If you are a judge, student leader, or faculty member who would like to sponsor or participate on a panel, please contact [email protected] to coordinate an event.


Clerkships Peer Mentor Program

In addition to the foregoing, OJC will administer its annual Clerkship Peer Mentor Program. Through this program, OJC connects law clerk applicants with alumni law clerks and 3Ls who have secured post-graduate judicial clerkships to assist applicants with the clerkship application process. 


Alumni Law Clerk Network

OJC welcomes the participation of its alumni law clerks in its efforts. OJC holds bi-annual calls for alumni law clerks to learn about our work and for us to get guidance on where to focus next.  Alumni law clerks serve as formal and informal mentors through the clerkship hiring process.  Please contact OJC if you would like to connect with us!



Summer Judicial Internships

If you are interested in a summer judicial internship, please watch our webinar in the “1L Mandatory Professional Development Program” Courseworks page before making an appointment with an OJC Adviser.


Our remarkable Clerkship Peer Mentors are equipped to offer insight and answer questions as applicants navigate the application process. 

Interested in serving as a Peer Mentor?  Please contact OJC directly.  We'd welcome your participation.

3L Peer Mentors:

Claire Abbadi
Judge Sessions (D.Vt.) 2021-2022

David Arom
Justice Nakayama (Haw. Sup. Ct.) 2021-2022

Emily Barber
Judge Rivera (NYCOA) 2023-2024

Benjamin Bleiberg
Judge Seeborg (N.D. Cal.) 2021-2022

Nicholas Campbell
Judge O'Scannlain (9th Cir.) 2021-2022
Judge Tymkovich (10th Cir.) 2022-2023

Isabelle Canaan
Judge Lehrburger (SDNY) 2022-2023

Alexander Canzoneri
Judge Hartz (10th Cir.) 2021-2022

Matthew Clarida
Justice Traynor (Del. Sup. Ct.) 2021-2022

John Clayton
Judge Lucero (10th Cir.) 2021-2022

Clare Curran
Judge Bianco (2nd Cir.) 2023-2024

Bryant Davis
Judge Conner (M.D. Pa.) 2021-2022

Christopher Dinkel
Judge Kethledge (6th Cir.) 2023-2024

Kristen Dupard
Judge Collier (E.D. Tenn.) 2021-2022

Jacob Elkin
Judge McHugh (E.D. Pa.) 2022-2023

Benjamin Feiner
Judge Hayes (S.D. Cal.) 2021-2023

Nataliia Gillespie
Judge King (4th Cir.) 2021-2022

Rebecca Goldberg
Judge Wood (SDNY) 2021-2022
Judge Garcia (NYCOA) 2022-2023

Margaret Gould
Judge Lipman (W.D. Tenn.) 2021-2022

Gregory Graham
Judge Sykes (7th Cir.) 2021-2022

Megan Hirsh
Judge Altonaga (S.D. Fla.) 2022-2023

Freya Jamison
Judge Costa (5th Cir.) 2021-2022
Judge Failla (SDNY) 2022-2023

Robert Kim
Judge Liman (SDNY) 2021-2022
Judge Kearse (2nd Cir.) 2022-2023

Robby Koehler
Judge Hellerstein (SDNY) 2022-2023

Samir Paul
Judge Blake (D. Md.) 2021-2022

Sankeerth Saradhi
Judge Carney (2nd Cir.) 2022-2023
Judge Brodie (SDNY) 2023-2024

Louis Enriquez-Sarano
Judge Gardephe (SDNY) 2022-2023

Jake Sidransky
Judge Garcia (NYCOA) 2022-2023

Ashley Taylor
Judge Martinez (W.D. Tex.) 2021-2022

Leo Weissburg
Judge Berg (E.D. Mich.) 2021-2023

Kelsey Wiseman
Judge Koeltl (SDNY) 2021-2022


Alumni Peer Mentors:

Jacob Arber
Judge Korman (EDNY) 2018-2019
Chief Judge Livingston (2nd Cir.) 2019-2020

Anna Boltyanskiy
Judge McCarthy (SDNY) 2021-2022

Alexander Botoman
Judge Gutierrez (C.D. Cal.) 2018-2019
Judge Wardlaw (9th Cir.) 2019-2020

Izaak Bruce
Judge Quiroga (S.D. Tex.) 2018-2019

Luke Budiardjo
Judge Leval (2nd Cir.) 2019-2020
Judge Donato (N.D. Cal.) 2020-2021

Florence Chen
Chief Judge Livingston (2nd Cir.) 2017-2018

Christine Chen
Judge Haight (SDNY) 2018-2019

Young Choi
Judge Tagle (S.D. Tex.) 2018-2020
Judge Graves (5th Cir.) 2020-2021

Sami Cleland
Judge Snyder (C.D. Cal.) 2021-2022

Nicola Cohen
Judge Owens (9th Cir.) 2018-2019
Judge Abrams (SDNY) 2019-2020

Virginia Davis
Judge Godbey (N.D. Tex.) 2017-2018
Judge Haynes (5th Cir.) 2018-2020

Patrick Gallagher
Judge Bress (9th Cir.) 2019-2020
Judge Cronan (SDNY) 2020-2021

Scott Glass
Judge Smith (5th Cir.) 2019-2020
Judge Preska (SDNY) 2020-2021

Daily Guerrero
Judge Ramos (SDNY) 2019-2020
Judge Restrepo (3rd Cir.) 2022-2023

Andrew Haddad
Judge Garaufis (EDNY) 2018-2019
Judge Diaz (4th Cir.) 2019-2020

Mitchell Hokanson
Justice Carney (Alaska Sup. Ct.) 2019-2020

Luis Hoyos
Judge Daniels (SDNY) 2018-2019
Judge Murguia (9th Cir.) 2019-2020

Alexsis Johnson
Judge Brodie (EDNY) 2019-2020
Judge Pillard (DC Cir.) 2020-2021

Caitlin Jokubaitis
Judge Pratter (E.D. Pa.) 2020-2021
Judge Walker (2nd Cir.) 2021-2022

Caleb King
Judge Bolden (D. Ct.) 2022-2023
Judge Nardini (2nd Cir.) 2023-2024

Idun Klakegg
Justice Carney (AK Sup. Ct.) 2020-2021
Judge Wright (D. Minn.) 2021-2022

Eve Levin
Judge Srinivasan (D.C. Cir.) 2018-2019
Judge Oetken (SDNY) 2019-2020)

Patricio Martínez-Llompart
Judge Torruella (1st Cir.) 2018-2019
Chief Judge Howell (D.D.C.) 2021-2022

Armando Lozano
Judge Carter (M.D. Cal.) 2019-2020
Judge Cabranes (2nd Cir.) 2020-2021

Aryeh Mellman
Judge Kenney (E.D. Pa.) 2023-2024

Christopher Morel
Judge Brodie (EDNY) 2018-2019

Sean Nadel
Judge Chin (2nd Cir.) 2017-2018

Tola Oyeyemi
Judge Reif (CIT) 2019-2020

Daniel Rosenfeld
Judge Altman (S.D. Fla.) 2020-2021
Judge Luck (Fla. Sup. Ct.) 2021-2022
Judge Rosenbaum (11th Cir.) 2022-2023

Noah Schwartz
Judge Reif (CIT) 2019-2020

Sarah Sloan
Judge Friedland (9th Cir.) 2016-2017
Judge Nathan (SDNY) 2017-2018
Justice Stevens (SCOTUS) 2018-2019

Zoe Staum
Chad Kenney (E.D. Pa.) 2022-2023

In the 2020–2021 Academic Year, OJC has hosted or co-sponsored the following events:

Fall 2020

  • August 24: Anti-Racism and the Courts with Judge Richard Boulware, II, ‘02 (with BLSA)
  • September 11: Clerking at the Alaska Supreme Court with Justice Susan Carney and her former law clerk, Mitchell Hokanson, ‘19
  • September 24: Class of 2022 Clerkship Peer Mentor Match Program
  • October 15: Alumni Law Clerk Panel on State Court Clerkships
  • October 28:  Clerkships 101 for 1Ls
  • November 10: Columbia Law Students for Disability Rights Event with Judge Tatel (Co-Sponsored by OJC)
  • November 11: Summer Judicial Internship Panel
  • November 12: NYS Judges Panel - Allies and Trailblazers (With OutLaws, Co-Sponsored by OJC)
  • November 23: Alumni Law Clerk Quarterly Call
  • December 3: Event with Judge Gayles (With OutLaws)
  • December 4: Faculty Lunch Chat among Professor Alex Carter, Judge John P. Cronan, S.D.N.Y., and his Law Clerks


Spring 2021

  • January 28: Clerkships 201 for 2Ls & 3Ls
  • February 2: A Discussion with Muslim American Federal Magistrate Judges (Co-Sponsored by OJC & MLSA)
  • February 11: Judge Robert Bacharach on Legal Writing and Judicial Clerkships (Co-Sponsored by OJC & CLS Writing Center)
  • February 17: West Coast State Court Clerkships (Co-Sponsored by OJC & the California Society)
  • March 16: Judicial Clerkships for International Students


In the 2019–2020 Academic Year, OJC has hosted or co-sponsored the following events:


  • September 5: The Clerkship Pipeline Kick-Off Party
  • September 19: The Life of a Federal Law Clerk (hosted by the Federal Bar Council)
  • September 24: Supreme Court Information Session
  • October 10: Alumni Latinx Judges Panel "Views from the Bench" - Click HERE to watch a recording of the event (email [email protected] for the password)
  • November 7: A Conversation with the Honorable Mimi Tsankov, Immigration Court Judge and NAIJ Eastern Region VP
  • November 13: Clerkship 101 for 1Ls - Click HERE to watch a recording of the event (email [email protected] for the password)
  • November 14: An Introduction to Bankruptcy Courts


  • January 30: Introduction to Magistrate Courts
  • February 5; OSCAR Workshop
  • February 25: Clerks for Change - The Story of #Metoo in the Courthouse from the Perspective of Law Clerks
  • February 27: Judge Sorokin & Alexis Hoag: A Conversation About Restorative Justice in Federal District Court


In the 2018–2019 Academic Year, OJC has hosted or co-sponsored the following events:

  • September 20: Joint Intro to Careers (OJC, OCS & SJI)
  • October 17: Clerkships 101
  • October 25: Clerkship Peer Mentor Program Kick-Off
  • October 31: Clerkships Lunch Chat with Prof. Kellen Funk
  • November 12: Conversation with Judge Engelmayer & Prof. Richman on Criminal Sentencing
  • November 28: A Conversation with Judge Batts: Trailblazing and the Bench
  • February 25: Women in the Judiciary Panel: Judges Naomi Reice Buchwald & Jenny Rivera
  • February 28: OSCAR Party - Nuts & Bolts of Clerkship Applications
  • April 4: Views from the Bench: EDNY Judges
  • April 24: Clerkship Panel with Faculty
  • May 1: Path the the Bench: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson