One student speaking to another in the lobby of Jerome Greene Hall


Our remarkable Clerkship Peer Mentors are equipped to offer insight and answer questions as applicants navigate the application process. 

Interested in serving as a Peer Mentor?  Please contact OJC directly.  We'd welcome your participation.

OJC Programming

Academic Year 2019 - 2020



Tyler Becker
Judge Colloton (8th Circ) 2020–2021

Shai Berman
Judge Korman (EDNY) 2021–2022

Molly Brachfeld
Judge Kaplan (SDNY) 2021–2022

Jacquellena Carrero
Judge Brodie (EDNY) 2020–2021

Lefteri Christodulelis
Judge Cote (SDNY) 2020–2021
Judge Livingston (2nd Cir.) 2021–2022

Amanda Chuzi
Judge Friedland (9th Cir) 2020–2021
Judge Moss (DC Circ) 2021–2022

Andrew Connery
Judge Hellerstein (SDNY) 2021–2022

Edmund Costikyan
Judge Dennis (5th Circ.) 2020–2022

William Dario
Judge Howard (1st Circ.) 2022–2023

Ellie Dupler
Judge Carter (CDCA) 2020–2021
Judge Wardlaw *9th Circ.) 2021–2022

John FInnegan
Judge Corenstein (SDNY) 2020–2021

David Fischer
Judge Garcia (NYCOA) 2021–2022

Dustin Graber
Judge Jones (5th Circ.) 2020–2021

Daniel Harper
Judge Boudin (1st Cir.) 2020–2021

Virginia Hill
Judge Brimmer (DCO) 2020–2021

Bre Jordan
Judge DeArcy Hall (EDNY) 2022–2023

Idun Klakegg
Justice Carney (AK Sup. Ct) 2020–2021
Judge Wright (MND) 2021–2022

Tyler Lee
Judge Sabraw (SDCA) 2020–2021

Jessica Marder-Spiro
Judge Kearse (2nd Cir.) 2020–2021

Bret Matera
Judge Eagles (MDNC) 2020-2021

Ian Miller
Judge Sack (2nd Cir.) 2021-2022
Judge Furman (SDNY) 2022-2023

Andrea Nishi
Judge Rakoff (SDNY) 2022-2023
Judge Katmann (2nd Cir.) 2023-2024

Alex Perry
Judge Failla (SDNY) 2021–2022
Judge Livingston (2nd Circ.( 2022–2023)

Theodora Raymond-Sidel
Judge Breyer (NDCA) 2020–2021

Miranda Rehaut
Judge Kronstadt (CDCA) 2021–2022

Charles See
Judge Matery (3rd Circ.) 2020–2021

Emma Stein
Judge Cogan (EDNY) 2021–2022

Vlad Shafran
Judge Park (2nd Circ.) 2021–2022

Ravi Shah
Judge Pooler (2nd Circ.) 2021–2022
Judge Brodie (EDNY) 2022–2023

Zach Struver
Judge River (NYCOA) 2022–2024

Alyssa Weinstein
Judge Arleo (DNJ) 2021–2022

In the 2018–2019 Academic Year, OJC has hosted or co-sponsored the following events: