Virtual Speaker Series

Webinars for alumni on timely topics, featuring live Q and A with the faculty.

Alexandra Carter '03 in front of two bookshelves in the Virtual Speaker Series

Professors Alexandra Carter '03 and Kathryn Judge: Women in the Workforce During a Pandemic—Advancing Your Career by Asking for More

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Judge Elreta Melton Alexander

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Judge Elreta Melton Alexander '45—Alumni of Color Event

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Michael Graetz wearing a headset and microphone in front of a wall of bookshelves

Professor Michael Graetz: “The Wolf at the Door”—Harlan Fiske Stone Society Faculty Book Series

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Professor Richard Briffault in his book-lined office

Professor Richard Briffault: How (Not) to Hold an Election During a Pandemic

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Professor Sarah Knuckey speaks on the Seattle Alumni Panel

Professors Sarah Cleveland, Sarah Knuckey, and Priyanka Motaparthy '08: Current Challenges in Human Rights: Human Rights Institute Legal and Advocacy Initiatives

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Professor Elizabeth Emens gives a lecture in the Virtual Speaker Series

Professor Elizabeth Emens: “What Comes Next?”—Preparing to Lead and Live as Lawyers in This Challenging Moment

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A screenshot of the Zoom lecture "The Administrative State Under Siege" featuring professors Thoms Merrill, Gillian  Metzger, and Zachary Tripp

Reunion 2020 CLE Discussion: The Administrative State Under Siege

This video is eligible for New York State CLE credit and is password protected. Please reach out to Beth Evans for access at [email protected].

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Professor Michael Gerrard speaks to a webcam from his office as part of the Faculty Speaker Series.

Professor Michael Gerrard: How Lawyers Can Help Fight Climate Change

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Professor Kathryn Judge speaks to a webcam from her office as part of the Faculty Speaker Series.

Professor Kathryn Judge: The Federal Reserve's Extraordinary Actions in Response to COVID-19

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Professor Katharina Pistor speaks to a webcam as part of the Faculty Speaker Series.

Professor Katharina Pistor: Financial Crises Then and Now: The Explanatory Powers of the Legal Theory of Finance

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Professor Christina Ponsa-Kraus speaks in front of a backdrop of the New York skyline

Professor Christina Ponsa-Kraus: Political Wine in a Judicial Bottle: Justice Sotomayor’s Surprising Concurrence in Aurelius

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